Submission to the RTA Design of Harbourlink

The RTA has developed a concept design for the section of the Harbourlink corridor from Naremburn to Ridge St, North Sydney.

Bicycle NSW applauds the RTA for taking steps to progress the design of components of the Harbourlink project and looks forward to delivery of the project in a timely manner.  Bicycle NSW feels that the approach the RTA is taking to deliver this vital piece of infrastructure could be improved in two key areas.

1. Improved Design Standards

To accommodate the projected bicycle traffic flows across the Sydney Harbour Bridge in 10 to 20 years, the path should be designed to carry up to 1 cycle trip per second at peak times (sum of trips in each direction) with average speeds of 30 km/h and peak speeds of 50 km/h.  The path width should be at least 4m with a maximum grade of +/? 5%. For the section between Ridge St and Blue St, it is recommended that the pedestrian and bicycle facilities are separated to accommodate the high speed of cyclists using this long, down?hill stretch.

2. Staged Delivery 

The Prioritised Design Plan outlined in our full submission recommends that Harbourlink is designed and delivered in stages as funds become available.  The aim of this plan is to minimise the risks to the project posed by uncertain funding and the long time?frame of the project by focussing on high?priority sections of the Harbourlink corridor first. By providing short, strategic sections of SUP, key barriers can be removed and the Harbourlink corridor can quickly become a safer, more comfortable and more efficient cycling facility.

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Submission to the Economic and Demand Modelling of Harbourlink

Bicycle NSW has reviewed the Economic and Demand modelling report written by SKM and PWC and has prepared a detailed submission analysing the validity of the assumptions made in the report.  We also provide evidence-based reasoning that supports the argument that the projected benefits of Harbourlink may be even more positive than found in this report.

Bicycle NSW also suggests that the findings of this report, even with its conservative assumptions, still make a very strong case for investing to deliver the Harbourlink project.

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Exhibition of Economic and Demand Modelling of Harbourlink

In 2009, North Sydney Council employed Sinclair Knight Merz and Pricewaterhouse Coopers to perform demand modelling and economic modelling of Harbourlink.

Click here to read the full draft report entitled, “Evaluation of the costs and benefits to the community of financial investment in the Naremburn to Harbour Bridge Active Transport Corridor (Harbourlink), September 2010.”

Submission to the Greenway Environmental Assessment

Bicycle NSW welcomes the inclusion of the Greenway shared path as part of the Sydney Light Rail Extension, Lilyfield to Dulwich Hill.

This transport corridor provides an excellent North-South connection that can be utilised by people walking and cycling, and to reach the new light rail stops and other public transport.  The Greenway shared path connects the Bay Run and the Cooks River Cycleway, creating new opportunities for families and people to explore extensive areas of Sydney and its waterfronts.

Bicycle NSW strongly supports the plan to construct or upgrade underpasses and bridges for people to cross the major roads and heavy rail lines. An additional crossing is needed over Marion Street (an elevated, rail-grade crossing) to enable continuity of travel for people using the Greenway.

Our submission expresses our concerns that the alignment of the Greenway does not allow for a connection to cycling routes into the Sydney CBD. At the southern end, there’s still a fair bit of investigation to do and identification of funds for the pedestrian-cycling bridge to ford the Cooks River.

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Submission to the Roads Australia Draft Policy Statement on Motor Traffic Congestion

Bicycle NSW supports public discussion of our society’s future transport services, its goals, and investment priorities.  We consider that long-term planning, shaped by the principles of ecologically-sustainable development, including inter-generational equity, requires a break from business-as-usual practices to embrace more innovative practices to be able to secure a more equitable future for Australia.

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Submission to the Staysafe Enquiry into Vulnerable Road Users

Following on from its recent inquiry into Pedestrian Safety, the Staysafe Committee has conducted an inquiry into vulnerable road users, with particular regard to motorcycle and bicycle safety.

Bicycle NSW provided both verbal and written submissions to the Committee and is keen to assist in achieving better safety for people using the road space and, in particular, for people riding bicycles.  Our focus in the attached submission is on bicycle riding and its relationship to the road environment and other road users.

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Release of NSW Bike Plan 2010

NSW Bike Plan 2010 has been released by Premier Kristina Keneally.  The plan invests $158m over the next 10 years and includes a range of infrastructure projects, social programs and encouragement actions including cycling skills and awareness training, and more access to information for cyclists.

NSW Bike Plan 2010 is overseen by the Premier’s Council for Active Living and aims to make NSW one of the world’s great places to ride a bike.  The Plan will help the NSW Government to achieve their target of increasing the number of bicycle trips made in the Greater Sydney region at a local and district level to 5 per cent by 2016.

Bicycle NSW was proud to be involved by holding community consultations across NSW 18 months ago to gather information for the submission.  Bicycle NSW has continued to work with the NSW Government on the project and is delighted to see it released.

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