Release of NSW Bike Plan 2010

NSW Bike Plan 2010 has been released by Premier Kristina Keneally.  The plan invests $158m over the next 10 years and includes a range of infrastructure projects, social programs and encouragement actions including cycling skills and awareness training, and more access to information for cyclists.

NSW Bike Plan 2010 is overseen by the Premier’s Council for Active Living and aims to make NSW one of the world’s great places to ride a bike.  The Plan will help the NSW Government to achieve their target of increasing the number of bicycle trips made in the Greater Sydney region at a local and district level to 5 per cent by 2016.

Bicycle NSW was proud to be involved by holding community consultations across NSW 18 months ago to gather information for the submission.  Bicycle NSW has continued to work with the NSW Government on the project and is delighted to see it released.

Click here to download the NSW Bike Plan 2010.

Request for Submissions to the Sydney Metropolitan Strategy 2036

The Planning Department of the NSW Government recently announced that it was developing a new Metropolitan Strategy for Sydney 2036.  This document supercedes the Metropolitan Strategy for Sydney to 2031, which was released in December 2005.

Click here for further details regarding the Sydney Metropolitan Strategy.

2009 Volunteer Awards

The Max Wiechman Volunteer of the year – Rob Kemp
Rob Kemp was the very worthy winner of the Max Wiechman Volunteer of the Year Award. Rob’s tireless work spent not just on Bicycle NSW run programs, but numerous other volunteer projects stood out as an ideal winner of the award.

For Bicycle NSW Rob continues to be a dedicated and dependable volunteer, going above and beyond the call of duty. At the 2009 Spring Cycle Rob filled not one role, not two roles, but made a fantastic contribution by filling 3 volunteer roles as Ride Crew Team Leader, Sector 3A Team Leader and the Last Rider for Ride Blacktown. Ride Blacktown was kind of a ‘Rob Kemp’ event!

Rob also does a great job volunteering as a Team Leader for the Gear up Girl Challenges and he has also given up his free time to help Bicycle NSW at several Expos and Fairs, including the Blacktown Sustainability Fair and the Sports Expo at Blacktown Olympic Park.

Outside of Bicycle NSW, Rob gives a lot of time to other volunteer projects including, Cam West Bicycle User Group, the Riverstone Festival, Sustainable House Day, organising the Bairnsdale to Albury bike ride, as well as spending a lot of time putting detailed cycling routes onto the website

Congratulations to Rob for taking out the 2009 Max Wiechman Volunteer of the Year Award.

Female Office Volunteer of the Year – Maureen Duffy
Maureen is one of the key people making sure that the Rider Kits are assembled and posted out to almost 10,000 people for the Spring Cycle. Maureen has been part of the team of regular office volunteers for years and is always happy to help out wherever she can with her smiling face and good nature and never seems to be phased by the mountain of envelopes waiting to be stuffed!

Male Office Volunteer of the Year – John Davis
John has been volunteering in the Bicycle NSW office for 1 – 2 days a week over the past year, working this in alongside his studies in Sports Management. He has played a key role in coordinating volunteer and operations administration for events as well as mail outs, Membership, and helping with the Ride2School and Ride To Work programs.
John has also volunteered as a Team Leader for both the Spring Cycle and Gear up Girl and outside of Bicycle NSW volunteers for numerous causes including the Red Cross Appeal and his local Fire Fighting brigade.

Advocacy Volunteer of the Year – Werner Steyer
Werner started volunteering back in the late 60s through the Scouting Association and this was rekindled when he joined the Illawarra Bicycle Users Group in 2003.
For Bicycle NSW, Werner has been travelling from Illawarra to the Bicycle NSW office 1 day a week for the last 12 months helping to forge the link between BUGS and BNSW and making communities safer place to ride.

Gearing for the Future Award – AB Mauri Foods, Camellia
For supporting environmentally sustainable transport by bicycle on 30 September 2009
AB Mauri generously hosted Sydney’s major Earth Ride event on 30 September 2009.
Chris King, General Manager Operations and Chair of the Camellia Business Group (CBG), is himself a keen cyclist, and has introduced a bike subsidy program that is gaining support of others along the peninsula. Employees at AB Mauri receive financial subsidies of up to $1,000 for the cost of purchasing a bicycle through a $10 company contribution for every day they cycle to work.

Ride to Work Volunteer of the Year – Peter Shalless
Peter has been a great help on National Ride to Work Day, un-phased by the early start and assisting on the Bicycle NSW stand. He has been a long-standing Volunteer for Bicycle NSW, helping out with Big Rides and recent Gear up Girl Challenges.
Bicycle NSW Ride Leader Volunteer of the Year – Bike North
Bike North have been a key force behind running the Ride Leader Training courses in Sydney, by providing assessors and Volunteers for the courses and by helping to coordinate the courses on the day.

Ride2School Volunteer of the Year – Jason Green
Jason, a teacher at Hawkesbury High School has been an avid supporter of Ride2School since March 2008. He goes above and beyond his role to promote cycling both to his students and colleagues. He has created strong cycling culture at the school which has motivated students to choose cycling as a healthy, sustainable activity not just for the school journey but in all areas of their lives. His efforts have been highlighted recently with the large number of teachers and students participating in the NRMA 500 km Gold Medal Challenge.

Gear Up Girl Challenge Female Volunteer of the Year – Christina Harlamb
Christina has been involved with Bicycle NSW as a Volunteer for the past few years – working as a Team Leader for both the Spring Cycle (where she manages the incredibly busy ‘On the day’ entries) and for Gear up Girl, where she expertly manages the ‘on the day’ entries and registrations. Christina is a fantastic leader and communicator and is a great personality to have on site.

Gear Up Girl Challenge Male Volunteer of the Year – David Anderberg
Debbie, as he is affectionately known, has been a Bicycle NSW for many years, helping out on maybe 15 Spring Cycles! In 2009 he volunteered for the Gear up Girl Challenges in both Sydney and the brand new event in Canberra, where he gave up his free time to travel down to Canberra, taking on a key role of designing, setting up and packing down the Start/Finish site.

Spring Cycle Female Volunteer of the Year – Kirsten Leslie
Kirsten was the Team Leader for Sector 1A – the first, and incredibly busy, sector of Ride North Sydney which includes riding over the Harbour Bridge. Detailed and thorough are two words which are particularly apt for describing Kirsten’s approach to her volunteer role and a large part of her success on the day was due to the amount of time she put in prior to the event in pre-planning and communicating with her team of volunteers as well as event staff.

Warwick Howse Spring Cycle Male Volunteer of the Year – John Flood
John has been a Spring Cycle volunteer for the past 3 years once again was a fantastic help at this year’s event. He has a great attitude to volunteering – jumping in to help out whenever needed and expecting nothing in return. This year, not only did John do an amazing job on the event day (along with Heather Page) battling with the winds and the leaflets at the Bicycle NSW information tent, but he also joined the team setting up the site on the days preceding the event, using a great deal of muscle power!

Honourable Mentions

Lina Caccamo – With just one week to go until this year’s Spring Cycle, Lina very graciously stepped into a Team Leader role when the previous Team Leader was suddenly unable to make it. Lina did a great job of leading her team at Sector 1F, on the very busy Ride North Sydney. Thank you Lina!

Richard Birdsey – Even in his role as Vice President of the Bicycle NSW Board, Richard is always willing to help out in the operational side of events, usually involved with the route coordination. He puts a huge amount into his role as Team Leader and is fantastic at communicating with the Event Staff and helping to improve the events year after year.

Greg Krix – Greg, also a member of the Bicycle NSW Board, is always a fantastic help coordinating the Ride Crew for the events. With his wife Glynne, they manage a huge team of Ride Crew Volunteers on event days and also put in a lot of work prior to the events to make sure that their team is properly equipped to do their job – and an important job at that!

Submission to the CBD Metro Environmental Assessment

The CBD Metro is a 7km long metro railway from Rozelle to Central, with new underground stations at Rozelle, Pyrmont, Barangaroo-Wynyard, Martin Place, Town Hall Square and Central. The provision of infrastructure at White Bay would also allow for a future station in this location.

Click here for details regarding the proposed CBD Metro.

Click here to view the Bicycle NSW Submission.

Submission to the NSW Transport Blueprint for Sydney

Bicycle NSW has prepared a submission to the NSW Government’s Transport Blueprint for Sydney.  The invitation to submit sought our views on:

A. the current transport system.
B. how it could be improved over the next 30 years.
C. major initiatives that could be undertaken.

Click here to view the Bicycle NSW Submission.