Submission to the CBD Metro Environmental Assessment

The CBD Metro is a 7km long metro railway from Rozelle to Central, with new underground stations at Rozelle, Pyrmont, Barangaroo-Wynyard, Martin Place, Town Hall Square and Central. The provision of infrastructure at White Bay would also allow for a future station in this location.

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Click here to view the Bicycle NSW Submission.

Submission to the NSW Transport Blueprint for Sydney

Bicycle NSW has prepared a submission to the NSW Government’s Transport Blueprint for Sydney.  The invitation to submit sought our views on:

A. the current transport system.
B. how it could be improved over the next 30 years.
C. major initiatives that could be undertaken.

Click here to view the Bicycle NSW Submission.

2008 Volunteer Awards

Max Wiechman Volunteer of the year – David Bonham

City of Sydney Spring Cycle Male Volunteer of the Year – Debbie Anderberg

City of Sydney Spring Cycle Female Volunteer of the Year – Noreen Fielding

Non-Government Organisation of the Year – Crowley

Gear Up Girl Challenge Male Volunteer of the Year – Allen Walker

Gear Up Girl Challenge Female Volunteer of the Year – Dianne Fielding

BNSW Ride2 School Volunteer of the Year – Anthony Pennell

BNSW Ride Leader Volunteer of the Year – Bike North

BNSW Ride To Work Volunteer of the Year – Peter Shalless

BNSW Advocacy Volunteer of the Year – Werner Steyer

BNSW Male Office Volunteer of the Year – Gilbert Brogden

BNSW Female Office Volunteer of the Year – Wendy Stewart

Honourable Mentions:

  • Ming Hiroti
  • Patrick Dodd
  • Alan Randall
  • Harry Cooper
  • Ian Bathgate
  • Bruce Bonham

Submission to Union St Cycleway Draft Plan

The Union Street Cycleway is part of an important link for the 3.2 km Bridge to Bridge route connecting the ANZAC Bridge to the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Click here for details of the project from the City of Sydney.

Click here to view the Bicyle NSW Submission regarding the Union St Cycleway.

Submission to the Iron Cove Bridge Duplication Plan

Bicycle NSW was approached by the RTA to comment on the Iron Cove Bridge plans, and by SHFA (Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority) and the DoP (Department of Planning) to comment on the Callan Park Land Use Plan.

As a State-based organization, we have broadened our feedback to reference the White Bay Rozelle to Cooks River Marrickville disused rail corridor (the Greenway) and the opportunities to build quality bike infrastructure coming out of any developments related to the M4 East.

Click here for the Bicycle NSW submission to the Senior Project Manager for the Upgrade.
Click here for the Bicycle NSW submission to the DoP.
Click here for the Bicycle NSW submission to the RTA.

Cycling – Getting Australia Moving

Bauman, A. Rissel, C. Garrard, J. Ker, I. Speidel, R. and Fishman, E. (2008) Cycling: Getting Australia Moving: Barriers, facilitators and interventions to get more Australians physically active through cycling, Cycling Promotion Fund, Melbourne.

In August 2007, the Cycling Promotion Fund was commissioned by the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing to develop a report on bicycle participation by Australian adults.  The Cycling Promotion Fund was specifically asked to investigate the contribution cycling can make to the health of adult Australians, what barriers exist to increasing participation and what can be done to overcome these hurdles.  The Cycling Promotion Fund engaged four notable academics/practitioners from the fields of health, transport and economics to address these questions.

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Serious injury due to land transport accidents, Australia, 2005-06.

Berry, J.G. & Harrison, J.E. 2008, Serious injury due to land transport accidents, Australia, 2005-06: Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Develpment and Local Government, Aust. Institute of Health & Welfare, Commonwealth of Australia, Flinders University, AIHW Injury Research and Statistics Series No. 42.

This report looks at serious injury in Australia due to land transport accidents (including cyclists) in the period 2005-06. Serious injury is defined for this report as an injury which results in the person being admitted to hospital, and subsequently discharged alive either on the same day or after one or more nights stay in a hospital bed (i.e. deaths are excluded).

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