Boambee Fatality

Bicycle NSW wishes to express its condolences for the friends and family of a woman who died whilst riding her bicycle this morning around 8am. The woman was hit by a truck near Boambee on the NSW North Coast Highway. In spite of the best efforts of paramedics and a nurse providing emergency first aid,

Return on Infrastructure

Bike riding across NSW is booming in certain pockets where there have been investments in infrastructure, such as the City of Parramatta.  Since 2013, Parramatta Valley Cycleway (PVC) has seen growth from 7,736 monthly riders to 19,238 in 2019.  The PVC is a 20km shared path, which has enabled people to walk and cycle from

A Way to Connect

As a child growing up in Australia in the 70’s and 80’s, I was lucky enough to ride a bike. As a teenager I continued to ride during summer around the flat holiday beachside suburb on a cruiser style bike, no gears needed here! As the years past, the routine continued. My kids didn’t ride

Riding From The Heart

This year, Lloyd will be joining thousands of bike riders on Sunday, October 13 to cycle over the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the 2019 Spring Cycle.   “I was born with a congenital heart defect called aortic stenosis. When I was younger it didn’t greatly hinder me physically, but as I went through my teens and

Spring Cycling With Family

Thirteen years ago, David along with his eldest son and father rode Spring Cycle for the very first time. With his youngest son Max now old enough, in 2019, David will be riding across the Sydney Harbour Bridge with his three children in memory of his father. “Riding Spring Cycle is an institution in our

Defying the Trend

With bike riding participation rates decreasing around Australia, NSW is defying the trend.  According to the 2019 Cycling Participation Survey since 2017, bike riding participation around Australia has dropped from 15.5% weekly in 2017 to 13.8% in 2019. However NSW is the only state with an upward cycling participation trend, if only slightly, from 12.5%

Safer Light Rail Tracks For Riders

Bicycle NSW has been working on ways to make light rail tracks safer for people who ride bikes or use wheelchairs. Last March we wrote about crossing light rail tracks and the things road and light rail designers, and bike riders, could do to make crossing safer.  Unfortunately in Newcastle at the intersection of Scott

Man dies in bicycle accident at Woonona

Bicycle NSW wishes to convey its condolences to the family and friends of a man who died riding his bike at Woonoona.   The 76 year old man was riding on an off-road path beside Nicholson Park around 8:15am on Sunday the 15th of September when witnesses say he rode off the path to avoid

Trusting the Driver Next to You

Bicycle NSW knows you want to ride more often but sometimes you don’t feel safe.  We have been working with police on a road safety campaign to improve trust on the roads.  Unfortunately this year’s road safety figures are headed in the wrong direction, and current road safety campaigns have not had a significant impact

Politically engaging bike riding

Bicycle NSW members can be proud that last Friday in Budget Estimates Labor, Green and Liberal politicians all discussed safety issues for bike riders in the NSW Parliament. The Hon. Cate Faehrmann MLC (p. 21-23) began asking the Minister for Transport the Hon. Andrew Constance about the 38% increase in rider fatalities and 31% increase