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NSW needs your help as it endures unprecedented fires and temperatures.

Silhouette of firefighters against bushfire

For the two months before Christmas fires burnt across NSW.  Subsequently, blanketing many communities in choking smoke.  NSW also experienced 'unfavourable weather' in autumn. Thereby, reducing the ability of land managers to plan and conduct the usual back-burning efforts to create fire-breaks.

Following the severe fires, Bicycle NSW has been contacted by people wanting to arrange charity rides to raise money for those who need help.  There are things members can do. We are advising all members to avoid non-essential travel to or rides in fire zones and high risk areas.

Many metropolitan emergency services have sent half of their equipment and staff to help in fire zones. As a result, reducing their capacity to respond.

Many road surfaces have been damaged or destroyed by fire and NSW Transport and Councils are stretched thin organising repairs.

Choking smoke continues to reduce visibility all over NSW. Additionally, storms and dry lightening risk igniting new fires. Sadly as our staff returned from helping to fight fires or from holidays we saw hundreds of dead animals on the sides of roads. 

“We are reminding members to take care and expect that road shoulders may have dead animals and debris in many areas. Also  wildlife may flee to roadways,” said General Manager of Public Affairs, Bastien Wallace.

“Smoke from the fires may also reduce your ability to see obstacles and your visibility to others on the roads,” said Bastien.

Community donations for fire victims

Police have asked people to avoid flying drones in or near fire affected areas as this hampers rescue efforts. To clarify, it is crucial to avoid using tools or equipment that may produce sparks

Looking to Help?

We are aware that many places have suspended collections of donated goods as they work on logistics efforts to get them to the places people need them. However they will provide lists of the items still needed.

If you are looking for ways to raise money:

  • raffling a jersey
  • organising rides in metropolitan parks or beside urban beaches  

may be a better option than long distance challenges. 

Those wishing to donate to the Rural Fire Service, Red Cross or Wires can do so via the links. 

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