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Bicycle NSW has tried for years through personal advocacy, strategic meetings and submissions to improve the safety and amenity of the road related environment for bike riders in NSW. We have achieved some success, but riders are regularly endangered by the builders and managers of roads, cycleways and bike paths.  

This shouldn’t happen. It breaks the laws, regulations and guidelines governing the standards required for safe infrastructure.

Reaction to Bike Fail

The #NSWBikeFAIL page has been created to report the persistent, serious road and path infrastructure issues that endanger bike riders in NSW. 

It will focus on state significant infrastructure that endangers people riding bikes, use images or video as evidence, explain how those responsible have breached the standards required, and cite the relevant law, regulation or guidelines.

Once the issue has been corrected and evidence provided, the matter will move across to the  #NSWFixedIT page.

This is a huge undertaking for us, but you can help us and get involved locally.  For smaller, local issues contact your council, NSW Transport or the land manager first.  Don’t forget our handy guide to help identify issues.

If that fails share an image and description of the issue tagging in the responsible road manager, your local MP and #NSWBikeFAIL This approach worked to get problems sorted quickly during the #FixMyBikePath campaign.

For issues with big projects please complete the below details and email it through to info@bicyclensw.org.au. All images should be high quality photos of the issue and links to videos should be under 3 min duration (if possible) that you have the right to share. 

“We are committed to you getting home safely, but sometimes the built environment or construction management endangers riders in NSW,” said General Manager of Public Affairs, Bastien Wallace.

“During our FixMyBikePath campaign, you showed the world the obstacles that confront you, and together we made it better,” said Bastien.

At Bicycle NSW we are committed to delivering on our policy and mission, to keep you pedalling. 


Details To Send to Bicycle NSW 

  • Location of issue
  • Short summary of issue and steps you’ve already taken
  • Law/guideline/policy that is breached
  • High quality photos and/or link to video

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