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Bicycle NSW recently called for bike rack laws in NSW to be changed, and we have some news! 

 Currently as it stands, it’s illegal to drive a car with a rear bike rack installed and no bike on it.  While not written in the current road rules, it is in the Transport - Roads and Maritime Services Vehicle Standards Information, available here.

Women removing bike rack

This means a family who drives to the park for a safe bike ride away from traffic, must remove their rear bike rack before going for their ride. It also means that a person collecting a bike from the bike shop, or picking up riders can’t fit their rack safely at home in advance. 

Currently with many restrictions about physical activity due to COVID-19, bike riding is one of the only physical activities that allow exercise outside in the fresh air. For Bicycle NSW this bike rack law is also a health and safety issue.  

The Hon. Alex Greenwich, Member for Sydney, wrote to the current Minister for Transport, the Hon. Andrew Constance MP, regarding the regulations of bike racks. 

Minister Constance replied stating: “When not carrying bicycles, bike racks can remain fitted to vehicles as long as they do not pose a danger to pedestrians or other motorists.”

You can read Minister Constance’s full letter here

“We look forward to change of enforcement around bike racks laws following Minister Constance’s advice. We hope this makes it safer and easier for bike riders to move their bikes around,” commented Bicycle NSW Communications Manager, Kim Lavender.

While Minister Constance’s advice doesn’t directly reflect the Transport - Roads and Maritime Services Vehicle Standards Information 10, it does state how it should be enforced. We are looking forward to the RMS VSI-10 being updated to reflect this. 

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