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Have you been thinking of getting in on some e-scooter action, but are unsure of the Do’s and Don’ts of all things e-scooting? Then maybe – take time to read over the rules and e-scooter rider etiquette of the current NSW e-scooter trials below. You might be grateful and it could also save you fines of up to $5500.

NSW's e-scooter trial kicked off on Saturday 30th July and is planned to run for 12 months across four popular Western Sydney locations: Western Sydney Parklands’ Bungarribee Park, Lizard Log and Shale Hills, as well as The Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan.

During the pilot, you can give this sustainable, convenient, and enjoyable form of transport a go on the Beam, Neuron, Lime and Bird (Mt Annan) shared e-scooters. Simply download the app from either provider which will show you a map of where the e-scooters are available to hire and ride. 

Don’t forget, you will need to stay within the participating four locations. And before you rush out and buy your own, be aware that privately owned e-scooters are not allowed on public roads or paths yet.

Check out the rules below so you can e-scooter safely!

Stay off footpaths

Footpaths are not for wheels. Keep off footpaths when scooting. Parking responsibly on footpaths is allowed, although not in designated no-parking zones, as indicated in the provider apps.

No Helmet No Scoot

WEAR A HELMET! This goes without saying always protect your brain. If you think that sounds harsh, wait until the fine comes if you don't!

Visitors trialling e-scooters in the Parklands. courtesy of Western Sydney Parklands image: courtesy of Western Sydney Parklands

Visitors trialling e-scooters in the Parklands. courtesy of Western Sydney Parklands
image: courtesy of Western Sydney Parklands

Safety first

ALWAYS be considerate of others and be safe 

  • Pedestrians ALWAYS come first! Slow down, use your bell, and give way to pedestrians.
  • NEVER use your mobile while scooting.
  • Park properly. Park the scooter upright with the kickstand down, out of the way of pedestrians.

NO Passengers EVER

No matter how excited you may be to get scootin', remember regulations say no passengers! There are enough scooters to go around, you and your mates can have one each! Remember you must ride in single file.

Don't drink and scoot

We know we can’t “drink and drive,” so why would we think we could “sip and scoot!!” E-scooters are subject to the same 0.05 blood alcohol content limits and zero drug limits that apply when driving a car. 

Designated roads, paths and locations

E-scooters are only permitted to travel on bicycle lanes, shared paths, and only in participating locations - download the map of the e-scooter trial zones in Western Sydney Parklands here

Private E-Scooters Not Allowed

If you have your own e-scooter, remember you can only scoot it on private property as they are not permitted on public roads or pathways. To avoid a fine of $686-$5500, stick to the shared e-scooters from Beam, Lime, Neuron and Bird.

<20km/hr speed

Slow down there!! The maximum speed is 20 km/h, with 10km/h on shared paths. 

Must be 16+

Everyone wants to enjoy the fun, but you must be at least 16 years of age before you can e-scoot. 

For more information about the e-scooter trial and rules go to Rules for riding in Western Sydney Parklands, the TfNSW website or you can contact TfNSW.

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