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On 7 February 2022, Linda Cash and two of her female friends will start an 1800 km charity ride in Eden (near the border with Victoria) and finish in Tweed Heads (near the Queensland border). 

Ocean Pool Odyssey

Sawtell Memorial Rock Pool, from the agirlandher_ebike Instagram page.

The ride will be completed on electric bikes (e-bikes) and follow the NSW Coast Cycle Trail. Not only will Linda, Meg Main and Jeanette Mouatt be raising funds for three charities but, along the way, they will also explore as many of NSW's ocean pools as possible. They also aim to promote the benefits of exercise, fun and friendship and highlight the role that e-bikes can play in making long distance riding accessible (in particular to those in their later years).  

Provided that the team will complete 50-80 km a day, the ride is expected to take between 4-6 weeks and is fully self-funded, with all money raised going to the chosen charities.

How it all started

After her job in international tourism was set back by COVID-19, Linda bought an e-bike and started a blog titled "A Girl and Her eBike" which is focused on promoting the benefits of sustainable tourism and e-bike riding. 

Linda explains: "I was [in Coffs Harbour] conducting the Destination Audit for Ecotourism Australia (…) and spent time at the Sawtell Memorial Pool, and this is where the idea was launched. My two cycling buddies, Meg and Jeanette both thought this was a great idea, and said “Let’s do it!” - so here we are, 3 months later and ready to head off on that adventure."

Raising money for three charities

The National Breast Cancer Foundation is Linda’s chosen charity. Raising money for breast cancer research is an issue close to her heart as many of her friends and family have been affected by the disease.

Jeanette has also been affected by cancer: “In 2021, I lost my brother Keith to multiple myeloma and my lifelong friend Heather to breast cancer." Jeanette has therefore selected Myeloma Australia as her charity of choice. 

Meg will be raising money for the Uki Refugee Project – a small program from the Tweed Shire that advocates for better relationships between asylum seekers and Australian communities. 

How to follow and support the Ocean Pool Odyssey

Updates can be found on Linda’s Facebook and Instagram pages. Please give them a follow and as a show of support, why not share their updates! 

Donations are welcome and can be made on the team’s Go Fund Me page (if donors prefer, they can specify another charity). 

Bicycle NSW wishes Linda and her team a safe and fun ride!  Please check out our listing of charity rides, if you are also interested in raising money for good causes. 

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