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Operation 44 is underway! Mason is calling on you to lend a hand. 

Mason was diagnosed with a very rare lung condition called Primary Ciliary Dyskensia (PCD) at the age of 3. Now, aged 5  Mason is planning Operation 44 to help raise funds for PCD Australia.

Mason on his bike for Operation 44

About PCD

His Mum, Julie told us that PCD “is a rare genetic condition, it took us 3 long years to get the diagnosis due to the lack of awareness in Australia about this disease. The disease is incurable and progressive so it gets worse as the child grows. 

“Being diagnosed early is the key and this is where we want to make a difference and create as much awareness as we possibly can.”

PCD Australia is a great organisation that works with lead specialists to raise awareness for PCD and publish guidelines for patient care. They also help to raise money to buy equipment such as nebulizers and physio equipment to care for children with PCD. 

What is Operation 44?

Throughout October, Mason is riding 44km for PCD. The number 44 is special as it’s the amount of known genes of PCD. This coming Saturday, Mason will be riding his last 5km from the Buronga wetlands to the Gol Gol Park in south western NSW. 

If you’re in the area we encourage you to attend the event. Find out more information here

If you can’t be there, we also encourage you to donate to PCD Australia here

“Best of luck for your last 5km on Saturday Mason! Thank you for all the effort you have put in this month to raise funds for such a worthy cause,” said Bicycle NSW Communications Manager, Kim Lavender. 

Find out more about PCD here


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