Yesterday saw Operation Pedro target people riding bikes and walking in Leichhardt, Sydney, Surry Hills, Eastern Suburbs, Kings Cross, Newtown and Redfern.

Fines issued were down overall to 242 from 323 in April this year, and the fines specifically applicable to people riding bikes were down to 148 from 258.

“Most people who ride bikes obey the law, and the figures support this,” said NSW General Manager of Public Affairs, Bastien Wallace.

Law enforcement of the 1 meter Minimum Passing Distance and laws preventing people over 15 from using the footpath when safe cycling infrastructure does not exist, contributes to falling numbers of people riding bikes in NSW.

Bicycle NSW is pleased to see the age of footpath riding raised to enable more school-age children to ride safely, but we know from accident data that more needs to be done to protect riders.

“We call on police to enforce the 1 meter rule and traffic laws to improve rider safety, and on our politicians to build infrastructure that helps more people ride and reduces road congestion,” said Bastien.

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