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Objections to safe cycling infrastructure on Oxford Street ignore the history of roads.

Vintage bike standing against old brick wall

Bicycle NSW has prepared a submission  on the proposed Oxford Street Cycleway, and we look forward to its construction.  Unfortunately, a handful of people have voiced objections, claiming bike infrastructure could threaten the historic nature of parts of Oxford Street.

Historic images of Oxford Street show horse and carts, pedestrian and tram dominance at the time many of the sandstone buildings were erected.  Cars were not a feature, and Sydney residents were far more likely to have ridden a bicycle than in a car 100 years ago.

“Bike riders have heard it all, when it comes to objections,” said Bicycle NSW General Manager of Public Affairs, Bastien Wallace.

“We’re encouraging people to write in support of this cycleway, the more the better,” said Bastien.

Bicycle NSW is also reminding riders across NSW how important it is to get involved with #BikePromise2021 and tell the people running for Council elections what you need to ride in your local area.

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