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Stage 1 of the Parramatta Light Rail has final planning approval. Below we highlight the areas impacting cyclists.

E12:  Pedestrian and Cyclist Access Safe pedestrian and cyclist access must be maintained around work sites during construction. In circumstances where pedestrian and cyclist access is restricted or removed due to construction activities, an alternate equivalent route which complies with the relevant standards must be provided and signposted.


E13:  Bicycle parking/rack facilities are required to be installed at all light rail stops within the Carlingford precinct, unless these facilities already exist.


E14:  Pedestrian and Cyclist Network and Facilities Strategy

A Pedestrian and Cyclist Network and Facilities Strategy must be prepared in consultation with Relevant Council(s), RMS, Pedestrian Council of Australia and Bicycle NSW. The Strategy must identify safe and accessible pedestrian and cycle paths, during construction and operation, including facilitation of future cycle paths and dedicated cycleways as identified in the documents listed in Condition A1, state and local government plans, with the objective of providing seamless, coherent, visible, and safe pedestrian and cycle access throughout and adjacent to the CSSI corridor. The Strategy must consider:


(a) existing and proposed local and regional pedestrian and cycle facilities and strategies;

(b) safety for pedestrians in pedestrianised zones; NSW Government 29 Department of Planning and Environment Conditions of Approval for Parramatta Light Rail (Stage 1) – CSSI 8285

(c) alternative cycle routes during construction, based on safety and efficiency, and contingencies in the event that relocated routes are found to be inadequate; (d) pedestrian and cycle access, including local and regional pedestrian and bicycle connections;

(e) demand for pedestrian and cycle facilities with consideration of measures to encourage an increased pedestrian and cycle mode share;

(f) signage and way finding;

(g) cycle storage facilities on light rail vehicles; and

(h) the requirements of relevant design standards, including Austroads and NSW bicycle guidelines.


The Pedestrian and Cyclist Network and Facilities Strategy must be submitted to the Secretary before construction of pedestrian/cyclist permanent built works (including the Active Transport Link) commences and implemented to ensure that all works are operational no later than the commencement of CSSI operations.




  • they have not provided for separated walking and cycling paths along the Active Transport Link (ATL) as we all requested, ie a Shared Path only.  Which will quickly become crowded and a source of conflict.
  • they have not YET committed to putting the Active Transport Link (ATL) next to the light rail under Adderton Rd, Carlingford.  Without this, the ATL is on road for a short portion, i.e. another connectivity broken link

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