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The Parramatta Light Rail EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) has been released. It can be viewed here, and will be on exhibition until Monday 23 October 2017.

There are thousands of pages within this document and not all of the proposals are going to benefit bike riders.

Bicycle NSW Advocacy Manager, Ray Rice, has made a submission on behalf on Bicycle NSW. Many voices will make a change to help make a better environment for cycling, so we’re encouraging all members to consider making a submission as well.

If you are wishing to make a change for Parramatta and greater Sydney by making a submission, Ray has made some suggestions for you below to help you with your submission.

Make your submission here.

A woman on a funky bicycle


  • Parramatta Light Rail presents a golden opportunity to complete essential Active Transport links for the future
  • This is a 50 year plan so we must do this well
  • Route is already noted as a Strategic Bicycle Corridor in Sydney’s Cycling Future (Dec 2013)
  • Will be part of Sydney’s future Principal Bicycle Network as it is an essential link in the route, connecting Parramatta with Epping and Macquarie University & Park
  • It connects major trip generators: three uni campuses, two business districts, and major residential areas
  • Links with the existing Parramatta Valley Cycleway

Features needed:

  • Build it now, for the future
  • Separated cycling and walking areas
  • Multiple/frequent access points to the Active Transport link to aid in permeability and usage
  • Must be continuous to cater for all Active Transport groups, from ages 8 to 80


  • Must be in corridor for full length. The proposed out of corridor section at Adderton Rd (Telopea) should instead remain inside the corridor. This serious lack of continuity impinges on the total amenity of the project. It will be a barrier for the younger and older.
  • Walking and cycling areas should be separated over the full length
  • At Kissing Point Rd, access to the Active Transport link should be from both sides of the road
  • The bridge over the Parramatta River at Camellia should be minimum of 4m wide. A width of 2.5m is manifestly inadequate, for example we have seen width issues on both the ANZAC Bridge and Sydney Harbour Bridge
  • Bicycle riding must be maintained in all Parramatta CBD streets, including those with Light Rail
  • A 30 km/h speed limit should apply to Parramatta CBD core
  • Church St should have a pair of dedicated uni-directional bicycle paths
  • The unused rail corridor from Camelia Station to Clyde Station should be retained as an Active Transport Link. This will then link in the future to a Duck River Active Transport Link. This would provide an Active Transport link all the way to Sefton. A major Active Transport corridor!

Complete your submission here

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