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We highlighted the broken connectivity of the Parramatta Light Rail cycling plan with flying bikes to make a point, but we didn’t stop there.

Parramatta Cycling Issues

Bicycle NSW is committed to safer light rail design and construction in Parramatta, than we saw in Newcastle or with the Sydney Light Rail.  We asked the local member, the Hon. Dr Geoff Lee for his help, and he wrote to Transport for NSW.

Transport for NSW Letter 

We received a response from the Hon. Ms Eleni Petinos MP to the effect that Transport for NSW are prioritising safety and Parramatta Connect are developing safe cycling and pedestrian infrastructure.  That would be brilliant news, except we are hearing from members that previous cycling routes have been removed or broken.

How's Your Ride?

If you ride around, from, through or to Parramatta we’d like to hear from you.  How’s your ride?  Can you get through, understand any diversion signage?  Are you now forced to ride in traffic, where before you could avoid cars?  Has your route changed for the better?

“If riding Parramatta has changed for you lately, we’d like to know how,” said Bicycle NSW General Manager of Public Affairs, Bastien Wallace.

“Everyone comes from and travels to different locations, so we need your feedback to help shape our approach,” said Bastien.

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