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NSW Police Legacy

NSW Police Legacy was originally established to care for the widows, widowers, partners and dependent children of deceased NSW police officers.

Today, they care for many members of the wider police family, including their police legatees, the parents of deceased police officers through the parents' support network, special constables, serving and retired police and their families facing necessitous circumstances, and former police and their families as they transition from a career in policing to civilian life through BACKUP for Life.

Each year they also host the Remembrance Bike Ride.


99 Bikes

Having opened the first store in 2007 and based out of Milton, 99 Bikes has grown rapidly and is now Australia’s largest bicycle retailer with 47 stores operating nationally. The businesses core purpose is to enrich mind, body, earth and soul with the freedom of riding.

At 99 Bikes we know people cycle for lots of reasons. To get from A to B. For fitness. For the adrenaline rush. Because they love the freedom. Because it clears their head. Because it’s fun. So we want to remind people that cycling opens up a world of possibilities for them – geographically, physically and emotionally.

With an active database of 320,000, 99 Bikes has a vision of creating a ground-breaking professional bike business, producing passionate sales people, skilled mechanics and exciting products. In essence, we want to improve our health and the health of our customers.



New year, new look. In 2018, Blackchrome became our apparel partner to ensure our Members and ride participants are always looking their best when on a bike. They are known for unique customisation of their apparel, even having an online kit creator for you to make your own before you purchase. We give them the tick of approval for cycling wear!

Blackchrome’s cycling range has been developed, extensively tested, and refined by cyclists with a kit to suit your every need. With industry-leading turnaround times and reliability, in-house graphic designers and our online Design Your Own and Kit Creator tools, here at Blackchrome we work through the entire order process with you. You can trust us to help you look your best when you’re putting yourself to the test.

Check out the video below to discover more about Blackchrome and their range.