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Did you know bike riding can help prevent infection?

When a member asked us for an article on vaccination, and a reminder to stay up to date with shots, we turned up some surprising research.

As our member pointed out, many riders are adventurous and love mountain biking, trail riding and challenges that can involve spills as well as thrills.  Staying up to date with tetanus shots helps ensure your scrapes are a source of good stories, not nasty infections.

We know that being physically active is good for health, but did you know that exercise during or immediately after vaccination can boost vaccine response?  

According to University of Sydney research, riding a bike during or immediately after a flu vaccine can help make it more effective and protect from some of the side effects.  Ordinarily flu vaccines are 50-70% effective and side effects can include headaches and soreness.

So if your workplace organizes flu shots you have a perfect reason for that lunch time ride afterwards. You’re welcome!

The WentWest Public Health Network runs a bike based competition to encourage child immunisation, and bikes are an integral part of transporting essential vaccines in the developing world.  

“When we looked into it, this was a health tip that offered more to members that we first thought,” said General Manager of Public Affairs, Bastien Wallace.

If you need booster shots, riding to and from the doctor’s office could make them even more effective.



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