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Making NSW better for bike riding might seem like an uphill slog, but together we have made good progress.

Group Riding

This week two peak road user groups have shared their support for safe bike riding with Bicycle NSW.  The Heavy Vehicle industry in their Fully Loaded article and the NRMA on social media have shown their support for bike rider safety.

Two years ago mainstream media in NSW was full of ‘war on the roads’ headlines and anti bike rider sentiment.  Now the government is suggesting more bike paths will be part of the recovery plan for COVID-19.

Some of the pedalling has been in very low gears, faced with steep obstacles, but you’ve seen an outcome with NSW Police, and we have a pending campaign to develop with the Centre for Road Safety once the COVID-19 measures ease off.  We’ve also enjoyed regular and consistent support from MP’s who recognise the importance of bike riding and active transport.

In the face of the pandemic we’ve done our best to support all riders.   We’ve put the work into ‘work from home’ and brought you Ray’s Corner to make it easier to understand what engineering for bikes should look like, and we’ve launched the #NSWBikeFail campaign to support you when insurmountable obstacles and hazards are put in our way.

“Achieving this has taken a long, hard slog and a different approach to rider advocacy, but we know progress can seem impossibly slow,” said General Manager of Public Affairs, Bastien Wallace.

“We appreciate the support of all our members who have stuck with us on the journey, and we invite you to look back, browse a few stories, and reflect on the successes you’ve helped us achieve,” said Bastien.

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