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With a third of City of Sydney residents walking or riding to work, things are changing for the better. In other words, residents are pedalling up the numbers of those who use the riding network.

In the 10 years since 2007, $11 million, on average, has been invested annually into building a safe bike riding network within the council area. 

Dedicated bicycle lane in the safe bike riding network

King Street was opened in 2009, as the first separated cycleway and saw an increase of 580% in riders. Since then another 13 km have been built across the city and have all seen an increase in riders. There are also more  than 60km of shared paths connecting the city. 

Building safe places for people to ride has seen the numbers soar, compared to Greater Sydney where quality connected cycleways are often few and far between. 13% of women ride in City of Sydney compared to 6% in Greater Sydney and 40% of teenagers (10-17) compared to 20%. 

With four more dedicated bicycle lanes on the way to ensure a connected bicycle network, the City of Sydney is continuing to strive for a bike friendly council. 

“For over ten years now, the City of Sydney has been setting a high standard for connected bicycle infrastructure across NSW.  The sheer increase in bike riders is a testament to their hard work in this space,” commented Kim Lavender, Bicycle NSW Communications Manager. 

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