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Concession Member (aged under 25 or over 65)

$103.00 on July 1st each year

Bicycle NSW Environmental Trust Donation

The Trust promotes bicycle riding as an environmentally beneficial means of transport and helps Bicycle NSW continue it’s valuable work of getting more people riding bikes through it’s programs.

If you would like to support Bicycle NSW through a tax-deductible donation to the Bicycle NSW Environmental Trust, please follow the link at the bottom of the next page to add to your cart.


Concession Membership for those of us aged 18 – 24 living away from home*, or aged 65 and over on 1 July 2019

Comprehensive protection and benefits for anyone who loves to ride.

  • WORLDWIDE Personal Accident & Third Party Liability Insurances
  • Statewide advocacy initiatives
  • Exclusive discounted subscriptions on Australia’s best bicycling magazines.
  • Great deals, discounts and offers through our event and retail network
  • Access to legal advice, fortnightly e-news & much more

This membership year ends  30th June 2020 at 11:59pm. This membership automatically renews on 1 June each year unless otherwise advised. Members can opt-out of auto-renewal prior to 1 June


*Dependants living at home can be included in a Household Membership up to the age of 21, and up to the age of 25 if the dependent is living at home and a full time student.