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Bicycle NSW has created a page to make it easier for you to understand and advocate for infrastructure to be engineered for Bicycles.

The Build it for Everyone element of our policy describes the standard that infrastructure for bike riding needs to be built to, in order to make NSW better for all bicycle riders.  Bike riders across NSW regularly encounter roads, paths and lanes that are not suitable for people of all ages to ride on, and that fail to conform with state and national guidelines. 

We also see plans for open space, cycling and construction projects that fail to meet minimum standards to enable safe bike riding.  It can be difficult to find and draw together all of the principles in order to make your case for change, so we’re working to help you.

Ray Rice at Spring Cycle

At Bicycle NSW we have benefited from the engineering expertise of Ray Rice, as a consultant and previous CEO.  We have created the ‘Ray’s Corner’ page to help explain the guidelines and principles that should be followed in the building of roads, shared paths, bike paths, cycleways and by construction managers.

The aim is to provide all of us in NSW with a ‘one stop shop’ to refer to when we see dangerous, sub-standard or disconnected bike infrastructure.  This should make it easier if you’re writing to your council, MP or local developer to request change.

We will also include links to content relating to safety issues and engineering shortcomings, and we invite you to join with us in advocating for change.

“We’re encouraging bike riders to take a look at how the riding environment should be, if state and federal guidelines were followed,” said Bicycle NSW General Manager of Public Affairs, Bastien Wallace.

“If your ride or local plans don’t match with the standards, you can use the resources to remind those responsible of their obligations,” said Bastien.

This is an ongoing project and Bicycle NSW will continue adding to Ray’s Corner over time, so we encourage you to check back regularly.  Together we can help make NSW better for all bicycle riders.

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