The Staysafe Committee have released their final report into Vulnerable Road Users – Inquiry into Motorcycle and Bicycle Safety.

Major areas for suggested reform, some of which have been consistently stressed in all previous reports, include:

  • improved data collection and management; 
  • improvements in roads engineering; 
  • better targeted education and public awareness programs and campaigns; 
  • improved planning processes, including enhanced collaboration between the NSW Government and local councils.

The report made 19 recommendations including the following recommendations which are strongly supported by Bicycle NSW:

The Committee recommends that the RTA strengthen its monitoring of road surface
conditions to improve safety for vulnerable road users and implement a direct reporting
system to alert the appropriate engineering and maintenance areas of the agency and local councils to potential hazards, for immediate remediation as problems arise.

The Committee recommends that the RTA trial a system of bike boxes, also known as
advanced stop lines (ASL), that allow bicyclists to move in front of vehicles when stopped at a signalised intersection in order to reduce the potential for conflicts with vehicle turning movements on the green signal.

The Committee also recommends that separate signal phases for bicyclists at intersections, which stop all vehicular traffic while permitting cyclists to proceed through the intersection in designated directions, should be trialled where appropriate.

The Committee recommends that the RTA and the NSW Police Force evaluate the
effectiveness of the CARES program with a view to increasing its funding for wider

The Committee recommends that the RTA and local councils conduct further educational campaigns to make road users aware of the location, operation and potential risks associated with the use of shared paths and cycleways.

There are obvious benefits in closer collaboration between the NSW Government and local councils in the setting and implementation of road safety priorities. Therefore, the
Committee recommends that the NSW Government examine the feasibility of extending the current provisions applying in the Memorandum of Understanding with the City of Sydney and negotiate similar arrangements with other local councils, in order to assist with road safety transport planning and implementation at the local level.

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