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Recently Bicycle NSW has received reports of deliberate obstructions being placed on cycleways, and we’ve come up with some pointers when reporting to  police.

Some of the incidents bike riders experience are easier for police to deal with than others. Difficulties can arise when there is no street address available for the location, for example on an off-road bike path.  

Whether you’re out in the bush, on a shared path, or bike path away from the road, reporting is easier for police to investigate with a precise location.  Here’s how to do it:

Step 1. Wherever you are when the incident occurs, open the Google Maps app on your phone

Google maps app on phone

Step 2. Press and hold the screen to drop a pin                                                           

Drop a pin on Google map app

Step 3. Use the scroll up function for details about the pin you have dropped

Use the scroll up function for pin details

Step 4. This will include latitude and longitude coordinates – record these with a screen-shot

Longitude and latitude coordinates of dropped pin when reporting to police

When you make a report to police, use the latitude and longitude coordinates to describe where the incident took place.  Ask police for an incident number once the report is complete. This helps if follow-up is required.

Sharing these coordinates is also a big help to Bicycle NSW if you call for our help on a matter.  They can enable us to work out which council or land manager to contact to help you.

“We appreciate the efforts our members make to alert us to things that create hazards for rider,” said General Manager of Public Affairs, Bastien Wallace.

“Hopefully this helps make reporting easier and the riding environment safer for everyone,” said Bastien.

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