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Travel to your local polling place can become an opportunity at the Council elections this week, to show candidates how important bike riding is to you.

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A third of Australians don’t get enough exercise to stay healthy, and incorporating a 15 minute bike commute could alleviate this problem. What better way to try this out than cycling to vote?

Consider the time it takes to ride to your local voting centre, compared to the time it takes to drive and park. If your journey is under 10km and highly trafficked, you’re likely to be in the ‘sweet spot’ where commuting by bike will be as fast or faster. Most adult riders can cycle 8-10km in 30 minutes, depending on hills and traffic lights. For events like election day, where public venues may not have adequate parking to service demand, time saved further adds up when one does not have to circle the block to find a parking space.

“I’ve ridden to vote over the previous two council elections”, said Bicycle NSW Digital Content Coordinator, Max Singer.

“I always have to wait in line, and I’d rather not sit in traffic too. Riding to and from the centre is the perfect way to improve what might otherwise be a stressful few hours” said Max.

When planning your ride, we recommend checking your local council website for a bike map, or get in touch with your local Bicycle User Group for advice on the best route. It may also be helpful to look out for bicycle parking facilities near your local voting centre. 

If you ride in, Bicycle NSW encourages you to share a selfie with us this election day by tagging us in at #BikePromise2021 Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, or emailing

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