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Wednesday the 17th of October is Ride2Work Day is a sitting day for NSW Parliament. Inviting your local MP to join you in riding to work could help make things better for bikes.

Ride2Work Day will be celebrated by the City of Sydney with a breakfast in Martin Place this year. Just up the street both houses of parliament will be sitting on that day.

If members of your BUG commute into the city, why not invite your local MP to ride in with you so they can enjoy the benefits of an active commute and take the lead on promoting active travel and healthy lifestyles?  Along the way they will see the challenges you face every day.

If you’re aware of an MP from outside Sydney who stays in your area when Parliament is in session, why not invite them too.  They may get some good ideas for their electorate, or might be more prepared to stand up for bike riding.

“Everyone should be able to ride a bike to work but we may need to show MP’s the infrastructure gaps their constituents face every day when choosing active transport”, commented Communications Manager, Kim Lavender.

If an MP accepts your invitation don’t forget to take a picture or two and share widely on social media with hashtags like #FromWhereIRide #BikeRiding and #MakeHealthyNormal as well as the links your MP provides.

If your local Council members or company CEO needs some persuading to support bike infrastructure that’s also a great opportunity if a BUG member can ride with them into work.

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