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Today the COVID-19 control measures will begin to lift in NSW, so what now for group riding?

Bike Riders Cycling Within COVID-19 Guidelines

Following announcements from the Premier and Prime Minister, we are now allowed to exercise in groups of 10 in NSW, provided we practice physical distancing.  That means staying 1.5 meters apart from anyone who does not live in your household. 

Group Riding Requirements

Bicycle NSW will restore the rides calendar so  Bicycle User Groups can organise group rides again.  Everyone must practice safe physical distancing, stay home if unwell and follow government requirements.  This is vital for your health, to avoid fines and also for insurance.  In order to stay 1.5 metres apart, riders may need to plan for more space when stopping at traffic lights or overtaking.

It's Not Business As Usual Just Yet

MP’s, residents and council leaders have complained about crowds attracted to popular places like the Bay Run, parks, foreshore walkways in places like Newcastle, Woollogong, or ManlyHigh density living depends on access to parks, beaches and shared open space by the millions with no back yard. 

If your ride usually takes you to a popular area, planning to explore a new route could make physical distancing easier and your ride more enjoyable.  It’s also a great time to let Councils and MP’s know how they could fix connections or access to better places to ride.

As Premier Berejiklian and businesses plan the return to work, people need to ride bikes to reduce public transport congestion.  Many have to travel at peak times, as they depend on school and childcare opening hours.  If you are able to cycle when you return to work, you’re helping reduce the risk to your health, and the likelihood of infection spread in the community.

“During COVID-19 more members have shared their letters and efforts to improve safe cycling where they live,” said Bicycle NSW General Manager of Public Affairs, Bastien Wallace.

“If there is an obstacle on your journey to work or education that prevents you riding, sharing it can help everyone,” said Bastien.

Ask Your Council For Safe Connections

Councils are invited to apply for funds to help address barriers to safe riding and active transport.  Why not test the journey over the weekend and let the council know if you have problems? Sharing what you need can help keep riders safe, and benefit everyone using roads and public transport as mode-shift to bike riding reduces congestion. 

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