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If you are working in the built environment industry and are keen to expand your knowledge of providing high quality active transport facilities, then this course is for you!

Run by Sustainable Transport Consultants on behalf of the RMS (Roads and Maritime Services), this two-day course is designed to give traffic and transport professionals a more in-depth understanding of current NSW best practice for the design and provision of facilities for pedestrians and bicycle riders.

The course is suitable and open to staff from the RMS, Transport for NSW, council officers and transport consultants within both the public and private sector. It is run twice a year by leading experts Warren Salomon and Dick van den Dool, who together penned the influential NSW Bicycle Guidelines document, which is well used by government and industry.

The aim is to help engineers and planners provide for people walking and cycling as an integral part of the overall road transport system. The course consists of a mixture of classroom presentations, site visits to local facilities via foot and bike, and a technical group assignment where participants work in teams to develop integrated solutions for a local transport corridor.

One of our Bicycle NSW team members recently attended the course (9-10 May 2018) and came away with an enhanced understanding of the key operating characteristics of both cyclists and pedestrians, and how to ensure an integrated road design that accommodates sustainable transport modes safely and effectively into our transport system.

A number of basic treatments were discussed, including both off-road bike paths and on-road bike lanes, and intersection design that incorporates facilities for the safe interactions of all road users was emphasized throughout the course content.

One of the perks of the course is the incredibly extensive resource package that participants get access to as part of the course fee, which includes a significant number of government documents and guidelines, educational videos, international best practice handbooks, and more.

All in all, this is an extremely worthwhile course for anyone who is interested in better understanding how we can provide high quality facilities for both pedestrians and bicycle riders under the NSW Road Rules, thereby allowing for the safe and efficient integration of all road users.


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