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Bicycle NSW is making it easier for everyone to understand the road rules that apply to bike riding with a visual Bicycle Laws Handy Reference pocket guide.


Most people start riding bikes long before they are old enough to get a driving licence.  

Some rules are easy to work out, others have changed and some may be confusing or misunderstood, especially for bike riders from outside Australia, or with English as a second language.

Road Safety data also shows that the majority of people who drive don’t fully understand the Minimum Passing Distance rule. Bicycle NSW has produced a handy visual guide to help people understand NSW laws that apply to bike riders.  The guide also busts a few myths around bike riding.

“We want to help everyone understand the law that applies to bike riders, and what they need to do to follow the law,” said General Manager of Public Affairs, Bastien Wallace.

Bicycle NSW encourages people to read and share the resource, and to keep a copy handy in paper format or on their phone.

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