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Construction work on the massive Rozelle Interchange project in now complete. Sydney's traffic is slowly adjusting to the new road configuration.  The underground motorway junction connects the M4-M5 Link tunnel with the Anzac Bridge, Iron Cove Bridge and the future Western Harbour Tunnel, bypassing the City West Link and Victoria Road.

It has been a massive battle over many years to ensure that construction is managed in accordance with the guidelines, regulations, laws and standards that were developed to keep bike riders safe, and that the project delivers high-quality new cycling facilities as a legacy of the mammoth NSW Government investment.

Bicycle NSW collaborated with friends at the Inner West Bicycle Coalition and BayBUG to prepare an issues paper outlining the challenges and opportunities for this part of the Inner West. We continue to advocate for road space reallocation on Victoria Road to accommodate regional cycleways, wider footpaths and essential tree canopy. We urge NSW Government to take advantage of the reduced surface traffic promised by the new toll-free tunnel - before new induced traffic fills the available space.

The good news! The tunnelling site at the old Rozelle Rail Yards has been converted into 9.5 hectares of new open space. There are some excellent new shared paths and high-quality sports ovals and playgrounds. You can explore the Rozelle Parklands here

The new walking and cycling routes will connect existing active transport links around Victoria Road, Annandale and the Anzac Bridge. There are still many issues with crossing the mammoth junction at surface level, but riders through the area will be able to use the tunnel under Victoria Road and the Green Bridge over City West Link to bypass a lot of awkward crossings.  The links are long-awaited by bike riders who have struggled to navigate the area during construction. They will give local residents new options to avoid the Roze-hell traffic jams!

Unfortunately, many important details, essential to connect the Parklands into the fabric of neighbouring communities, have been overlooked - or left to Inner West Council to complete. We will work with local politicians and council staff to ensure that Transport for NSW delivers much-needed kerb ramps, pedestrian crossings, better light phasing and accessible intersections as soon as possible.

February 2024 update:

It is incredibly disappointing that the new walking and cycling paths at Rozelle Parklands have been temporarily closed due to asbestos contamination. Inner West residents desperately need alternatives to sitting in their cars on congested roads. We have asked Transport for NSW to reopen the most critical links as soon as possible and take this opportunity to fix missing connections into Rozelle. We have also asked for NSW Government funding to deliver community engagement programs including guided rides to inspire locals to travel to the city in a quick, affordable and safe way. 

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