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No matter how you travel for work, you should arrive home safely.

Legislation to Regulate Food Delivery

Bicycle NSW has written previously about food delivery, delivery bikes and efforts to improve safety. We have also supported the efforts of Daniel Mookhey MLC and NSW Labor to introduce legislation to better regulate the food delivery sector.

Behind the scenes we have worked with Councils and reached out to several operators to address specific issues.  We have also discussed the complexities and pressures faced by food delivery riders, with the MP’s who have reached out to us.

Current Unsafe Conditions

We are aware that most of the problems arise from unsafe infrastructure provided for all bike riders in NSW, and dangerous work practices and pressures by food delivery companies.  Workers on our roads, driving buses, taxis or heavy vehicles benefit from a road environment designed for them, where workers on bicycles and motorbikes remain at a disadvantage. In the hierarchy of controls, the most effective way to keep people safe is by designing the infrastructure to avoid crashes and injuries.

Most motor vehicle operators are regulated as workers to protect their need for rest, safe work practices and equipment. This helps avoid pressure being applied by managers or work systems that force workers to travel when tired, speed, or cut corners in safety.

Some companies employ bike based workers directly on salaries, and provide bikes that are serviced and comply with NSW law.  This business model also means companies can better manage the safety training of employees, that workers are paid fairly and can access Work Cover if they are injured at work.

“We welcome investigation by SafeWork and assessment by the taskforce of the work practices of food delivery companies,” said Bicycle NSW General Manager of Public Affairs, Bastien Wallace.

“No matter how you travel for work, you should arrive home safely,” said Bastien.

Bicycle NSW continues our calls for bike infrastructure separated from motor vehicle traffic, better enforcement and education to improve road safety.  We encourage riders to contact your MP to share your support for the work of the taskforce, and if you or your friends use food delivery services, ask how they protect riders and look elsewhere if you aren’t satisfied.

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