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Riding in the Summer is a great way to get outdoors and stay active. But, the summer heat can bring some big risks to your health and safety.

Here are 5 tips for safe riding this summer.

Tip #1 - Sunscreen 

Slip, slop, slap. These three words should be circling in your head before and during every bike ride that you go on.

Wearing sunscreen is one of the easiest ways to protect your skin from sun damage. Remember, 20 minutes before any ride to apply sunscreen on all exposed areas of your skin. You’ll be thanking yourself later for saving yourself from the pain and peeling.

Tip #2 - Ride with a friend 

Seems unusual, but is very important! On hot summer days in Australia, heat stroke is very common, especially if you’re out and about on a long bike ride. Riding with a friend is not just fun, but also a good way to ensure that in case of any emergencies, you’ll have someone there.

If none of your friends like cycling- join a Bicycle User Group (BUGS)! Find all of Bicycles NSW’s affiliated BUGS here.

Tip #3 - Water

What is better than a drink of water after a tiring bike ride? Nothing. So, make sure to pack a big bottle of water on your rides to prevent you from getting dehydrated and to keep your energy levels up. It works just like magic.

 Hint: Not sure where to put your water bottle when on a bike ride? Don’t want to be weighed own by a heavy backpack? Buy a bike cage. These are attached to your bike and hold your water bottle in place.

Tip #4 - Glasses

Cringing at the thought of sun shining directly in your eyes as you ride up a hill? Problem solved. Wear sunglasses!

Sunnies aren’t just a fashion statement, but a life saver when it comes to bright sunny days. They provide you with comfort on your summer rides and protect your eyes from the harsh UV rays from the Australian sun.

Tip #5 - Regular stops 

Stop. Revive. Survive. Yes, this is the slogan reminding people to take a break when on a long drive, but the same applies when on a bike ride.

Stopping and stretching is key to keeping concentration on a ride. Over-exerting yourself in the summer heat can bring on heat stroke or dehydration. When planning out your routes, it is ideal to include a rest stop every 32 kilometres, to make sure you’re getting adequate rest.

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