Over 1500 cyclists have already signed up to contribute information about their riding experiences to the Safer Cycling Study at the University of New South Wales. This study, which is quite unique, will provide important data to help inform policy and planning for safer cycling in NSW.

The study hopes to enrol another 1,000 cyclists from around NSW.

“We are really keen to see that all types of cyclists have the opportunity to contribute data to the study, so that the results of the research reflect the needs and experiences of cyclists in general. We are inviting commuter and recreational cyclists, as well as those who cycle in urban, regional or rural environments,” said Dr Poulos.

Bicycle NSW supports this research and has an active role on the study’s advisory panel.¬† To participate you must be 18 years of age or older and ride at least once per month.

Click here for more information on joining the Safer Cycling Study.

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