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Today, Bicycle NSW held an official launch, at NSW Parliament, for our Safety on Spokes road safety campaign.

Safety On Spokes Launch

Safety On Spokes Launch attendees: 
Left to Right: Christopher Gulaptis MP •  Bastien Wallace, GM of Public Affairs, Bicycle NSW
Act Spt Benjamin McFarlane  • Bernard Carlon, Centre for Road Safety  • Alistair Ferguson, CEO, Bicycle NSW
Marjorie O’Neill MP  • Jenny Aitchison MP •  Lou Amato MP  • Jo Haylen MP  • Jamie Parker MP
Jasoon Antony, Motorcycle Council of NSW  • Kyle Birkett, SUEZ •  Cate Faehrmann MP  
Jodie Harrison MP  • Brian Wood, Motorcycle Council of NSW

Safety On Spokes

Over recent months we've seen many new people take to bike riding. To make it safer for our loyal riders and our new ones, we wanted to run a road safety campaign to discuss many of the issues that hinder people who ride bikes.

Sadly COVID-19 interrupted the joint road safety campaign between the NSW Centre for Road Safety and Bicycle NSW, so we decided to create our own. Over the next 2 months, Bicycle NSW is running our own road safety campaign called "Safety On Spokes" which will cover a range of bike related safety topics.

Safety Messaging

Waste management company SUEZ wrapped two of their trucks with our messages, and we were thrilled to see it in person.  MPs from the Liberal, Labor, Green and National parties joined us along with representatives of NSW Police, the Motorcycle Council of NSW and the NSW Centre for Road Safety.


In the NSW Parliament after the event The Hon. Jo Haylen MP and The Hon Jamie Parker MP raised motions in support of the campaign, which we will be able to share when transcripts become available.

Over the next six weeks we will continue to share road safety education content on our page and across social media. 

“A year on from our cross-party bike forum, we were pleased to have even greater turnout in support of rider safety,” said Bicycle NSW General Manager of Public Affairs, Bastien Wallace.

“COVID-19 may have changed how we are able to work, but we’re continuing to play our part in making NSW roads safer for bicycle riders,” said Bastien.

Bicycle NSW encourages riders to use the hashtag #SafetyOnSpokes and tag in anyone you think might benefit from reading our content.  If there are issues you’d like covered let us know.


Safety On Spokes

This article is a part of our 2 month Safety on Spokes Campaign where we cover a range of topics to make a better environment for bike riders in NSW.

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