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Our roads are workplaces for a range of people and now you can help make them safer for bike riders.

Group Riding

Have you ever:

  • tried to cycle past or through a construction site, only to be met with a dangerous hole or obstacle? 
  • seen a worker on a bike forced onto a 3 lane motorway with fast moving traffic, with no safe alternative?
  • encountered road works or a construction project that made it dangerous for people to ride a bike on a road, footpath or shared path?

These are all examples of unsafe work, and now there is a way to report them. The Speak Up Save Lives app from SafeWork NSW was created to report unsafe workplaces.  Unsafe Construction

In the past Bicycle NSW has tried to engage SafeWork NSW on matters relating to unsafe construction management on major Transport Projects, with little success.  When news of the app launched, a response to our frustrated tweet indicated that SafeWork NSW was prepared to take reports related to the safety issues bike riders face in workplaces and as workers.

The app can be downloaded by iPhone or Android users and when you see safety failures you can report them. Everyone has the legally protected right to be safe at work, and every workplace has a duty of care to workers, and those passing by or through the workplace.

 “This app enables you to report safety failures and give SafeWork NSW a clear picture of what’s endangering, hurting and killing bike riders,” said Bicycle NSW General Manager of Public Affairs, Bastien Wallace.

“Nobody should ever be forced to endanger their life at work or because of someone else’s work,” said Bastien.

We encourage members to use the app, report what you see and help the SafeWork NSW understand the true picture of the work related hazards bike riders face.  Bicycle delivery workers and food couriers are frequently subjected to unsafe working conditions and we encourage you to use the app.  Together we can all highlight what needs fixing to make NSW better for all bicycle riders.

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