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Once again the COVID-19 measures have changed.

New areas subject to ‘stay at home’ orders

The Byron, Tweed and Kempsey Local Government Areas (LGAs) will enter a 7 day lockdown, beginning at 5pm.  

Group of teenagers gathered outdoors

Friends bubble for children

Today has also brought good news for many families with children, with the announcement of a ‘friends bubble’.  For households where all adults are vaccinated, groups of up to 3 under 18’s will be able to form a ‘friends bubble’ and visit each other at home.

“We can’t think of a better reason to ride your bike during school holidays than to visit friends, or to help your child have some much-needed social contact,” said Bicycle NSW General Manager of Public Affairs, Bastien Wallace.

Group riding 

We are aware of some level of confusion related to group rides.  There has not yet been any return to community sport, and Bicycle NSW will not turn Buncheur back on until this happens.  Bicycle NSW does not advise organising rides through your Bicycle User Group (BUG) until the return to sport plans have been announced.  

If you are in an area where stay at home orders apply, you may go for a ride with up to 5 other people from your LGA or who live within 5km of you, provided you are all fully vaccinated, and your ride stays within your LGA or 5km of your home.  If you are stopped by NSW Police you are required to show proof of vaccination and of your address, and the responsibility falls on everyone in the group as an individual.

An essential part of return to sport will include how groups check eligibility to participate and plan a safe activity.  At present businesses, like personal trainers or surf lifesaving services who conduct activities outdoors, are required to have QR Code check-in processes and COVID-safe plans.  

“We know BUGs want to get back to organising rides, but until return to sport plans are in place,  please keep ride organising amongst your friends,” said Bastien.

This also means that each individual will need their own membership to be covered on a ride. For the best recreational bike rider insurance, join Bicycle NSW today!

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