Bicycle NSW welcomes the inclusion of the Greenway shared path as part of the Sydney Light Rail Extension, Lilyfield to Dulwich Hill.

This transport corridor provides an excellent North-South connection that can be utilised by people walking and cycling, and to reach the new light rail stops and other public transport.  The Greenway shared path connects the Bay Run and the Cooks River Cycleway, creating new opportunities for families and people to explore extensive areas of Sydney and its waterfronts.

Bicycle NSW strongly supports the plan to construct or upgrade underpasses and bridges for people to cross the major roads and heavy rail lines. An additional crossing is needed over Marion Street (an elevated, rail-grade crossing) to enable continuity of travel for people using the Greenway.

Our submission expresses our concerns that the alignment of the Greenway does not allow for a connection to cycling routes into the Sydney CBD. At the southern end, there’s still a fair bit of investigation to do and identification of funds for the pedestrian-cycling bridge to ford the Cooks River.

Click here to view the full Bicycle NSW Submission.

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