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Your donation can make an impact

The end of the financial year is only a couple of weeks away. Right up until Thursday 30th of June you have the chance to make a fully tax-deductible donation to the Bicycle NSW Environmental Trust, offsetting your tax and helping the Bicycle Family.

Bicycle NSW (BNSW) is the peak advocacy body for bike riding in NSW. BNSW promotes, advocates and supports cycling in all its forms as an environmentally sustainable and healthy form of transport, recreation and tourism through the engagement of government, industry and the community at all levels and much, much, more.

Your generous support can ignite the spark that creates real and lasting change for all bicycle riders.

Please think about a tax donation this tax time.

All donations over $2 are fully tax deductible.

Whether it’s a one off or an ongoing donation we welcome your support and commit to investing your donation to creating a better environment for cycling.
Your gift will help Bicycle NSW to get more people riding bikes through events, advocacy and increasing physical activity.

The key objectives of the Bicycle NSW Environmental Trust Donation are:
• To preserve the natural environment through promoting bike riding as environmentally friendly transport;
• To promote bicycle riding as a means of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving air and water quality, reducing non-renewable energy consumption, and improving land use; and
• To encourage more bicycle riding to improve community access to accessible transport and reduce inactivity.

Your kind donations in previous years have supported some of the following initiatives.

Bicycle Planners

BNSW Bicycle Planners have and continue to be instrumental in taking action to influence decisions and systems and work on improving things for bike riders throughout NSW.

Recent submission include;

08 June, 2022 - draft North Sydney Community Strategic Plan

06 June, 2022 - Rozelle Interchange - moving forwards

31 May, 2022 - Bays West Stage 1 draft masterplan submission

23 May, 2022 - Sustainable Sydney 2030-2050 submission

5 May, 2022 - Castlereagh Street Walking and Cycling Improvements submission

12 April, 2022 - Inner West Cycling Strategy Submission

11 April, 2022 -  Charlestown to Whitebridge Cycle Route Submission

31 March, 2022 - Draft Western Parkland City Blueprint

28 March, 2022 - Draft Central West and Orana Transport Plan

There are almost 100 submissions available on our website and so much more behind the scenes work taking place every day to make all these submissions possible. These submissions shine the spotlight on issues sparking the debate at all levels of government and community that make sustainable outcomes for bicycle riders like you and I possible. You can read and download our submissions HERE

Safety On Spokes Launch attendees: Left to Right: Christopher Gulaptis MP • Bastien Wallace, GM of Public Affairs, Bicycle NSW Act Spt Benjamin McFarlane • Bernard Carlon, Centre for Road Safety • Alistair Ferguson, CEO, Bicycle NSW Marjorie O’Neill MP • Jenny Aitchison MP • Lou Amato MP • Jo Haylen MP • Jamie Parker MP Jasoon Antony, Motorcycle Council of NSW • Kyle Birkett, SUEZ • Cate Faehrmann MP Jodie Harrison MP • Brian Wood, Motorcycle Council of NSW


Safety on Spokes Campaign

Bicycle NSW ran a road safety campaign, Safety on Spokes for two months to discuss many of the issues that  hinder people who ride bicycles to make a better environment for bicycle riders in NSW.  Our launch was held at NSW  Parliament House which was attended by all major political parties and road safety  stakeholders.

To kick off our safety messaging, BNSW partnered with the waste management company SUEZ  who  wrapped two of their trucks with our safety messaging.

The trucks were wrapped with 4 different images. Each image has a slightly different message about road safety for bike riders.

One truck has been assigned to the Eastern Suburbs run, covering a route from the base in Wetherill Park, all the way through to Coogee and will take in Centennial parklands. The other is destined for the North side of Sydney, taking in areas such as North Sydney, Gordon and Lane Cove.

Typically, trucks like these stay in the SUEZ fleet for 10 years however these wraps will stay on the trucks for about 48-60 months. This depends on them remaining free of tears and maintaining colour and cleanliness.

Gear Up Girl
Gear Up Girl was a women’s only cycling initiative produced by BNSW that encouraged women of all ages and abilities, to get out and ride their bikes. Over the past 10 years your donations have helped BNSW produce Gear Up Girl Events to encourage thousands of women to ride and look after their own health.

“ Your donations are needed to drive strategic infrastructure projects in NSW which are going to have massive legacy outcomes for cycleways. If just some of them are left unattended for the next 12 months, they may not be revisited for the next 20 to 50 years!

If critical infrastructure projects like Sydney Airport Gateway, The Warringah Freeway Upgrade, Blue Mountains tunnel and Rail Trails to mention just a few, are left alone at least 1.5 million people in the area could be affected.

I realise times are not what they used to be for everyone and some of us are really struggling. Please donate if you can, your donation is fully tax deductible and, it directly benefits better bicycle outcomes for everyone.

Peter McLean CEO Bicycle NSW


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