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Nov 23, 2017

Two thousand cyclists pedal over the Sydney Harbour Bridge cycleway daily, making it the busiest metropolitan cycle route in Sydney.  The 55 steps it takes to get onto the bridge at the Northern end has had a massive impact on cyclists using the bridge. This has been a key advocacy project for Bicycle NSW and with its completion it will help establish an interconnected Sydney wide bicycle network.  Ultimately, this network will support and encourage more travel by bike and relieve congestion on our roads.

In December 2016, Bicycle NSW announced, in partnership with the former Minister, the committal of the multimillion dollar project. Following the announcement, Bicycle NSW has been working with Roads and Maritime Services, along with City of Sydney, to ensure these projects will be the most beneficial to bike riders. 

As seen in the picture below, the proposed ramp will cause the wall to be knocked away at the top of the stairs to enable the ramp to be connected. The ramp will be 210 metres long as a result of landscape limitations involving Alfred Street and Milsons Point train station.

Currently, cyclists have to dismount and climb 55 steps carrying their bike on the Northern end of the bridge.


  • Limits access to the cycleway for cyclists who ride with children on their bike, for bikes which are on the heavier side and their rider can not carry it.
  • Creates a pinch point in the cycle network into and out of the Sydney CBD
  • A hazard for cyclists who try to ride down the steps
  • Can lead to queuing across the pedestrian path during peak times

The NSW Government has committed to building the ramp on the Northern end along with building and improving the ramp on the Southern end. 


Proposed benefits for these are:

  • Improving access for all bike users
  • Improving overall safety for cyclists, pedestrians and motor vehicles
  • Improved line of sight of cyclists making it safer for cyclists and pedestrians
  • An easier and more efficient transit onto and off the bridge

On the Southern end, a dedicated connection for cyclists onto the Kent Street cycleway will be built. Ultimately avoiding cyclists having to join the road and avoid children and families at Fort Street Public School.

This connection will:

  • Dedicate a two-way cycleway connection from Kent Street to the SHB cycleway
  • Remove the existing share use over the Cahill Expressway

How to give feedback?

To see the proposed plans on an interactive map, click here.

Roads and Maritime Services are running the below community consultation session:

When: November 30, 2017

Where: Bradfield Park Community Centre, 21 Alfred St, Milsons Point

Time: 6pm-8pm

Both reports of the projects can be viewed here, and written comments can be sent to

Community consolations with finish on Friday December 15.

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