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Last Monday, the NSW government revealed three potential designs for a new bike ramp on the northern end of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and is asking for feedback.

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Three potential designs for a new bike ramp on the northern end of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Despite being used by over two thousand cyclists a day, the current access point to the cycleway requires riders to dismount and push or carry their bikes up 55 stairs. These stairs disable riders who depend on a bike for mobility assistance, parents with child passengers, or those who ride cargo bikes. In order to access active transport infrastructure, riders need a rideable ramp.

The idea of a new ramp has been beset by many challenges since 2016, not least from surrounding residents fearing their visual outlook of the bridge would be detracted from

Although the three designs differ significantly across materials and design choices, the Transport Minister Rob Stokes was quick to emphasise that they all shared the quality of being accessible to bike riders from all walks of life, as well as being respectful of Aboriginal culture and the existing aesthetic sensibility of the bridge itself.

The government is asking members of the public to give feedback on the different options until January the 16th, to guide the final design selection. Following this, there will be another period of community consultation.  Bicycle NSW has provided feedback here.  Any of the three options would be a great asset for North Sydney and bicycle riders.  Bicycle NSW prefers the Aspect Studios design as it is very elegant and strikes a careful balance between the amenity of the public space and the needs of people walking, riding and using public transport.

“The community has a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to help shape the future of this iconic landmark by having a say on three shortlisted designs,” said Minister Stokes.

Community feedback has already resulted in significant design changes. Earlier this year, Transport for NSW consultation heard from 2,759 people through surveys and submissions, finding that 82 percent of people were in favour of the bike ramp, and a majority of those preferring a linear ramp over a spiral ramp.

To view the three designs and provide feedback visit

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