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Sep 20, 2017

Bicycle NSW welcomes the news that the Sydney Harbour Bridge design consultation will soon be open for public feedback. Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight, The Hon. Melinda Pavey announced over the weekend that the consultation will open for public feedback in November.

“The Sydney Harbour Bridge is an international icon and appreciated by millions of people each year. It is also a vital commuter link for Sydneysiders including cyclists enjoying the view of the harbour or commuting to and from work,” Mrs Pavey said.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge Cycleway upgrade has been a key advocacy project we have worked on from the very beginning where we have advocated for improvements to both the North  and the South ramp access points and are delighted to continue working with the NSW Government now to ensure sufficient community consultation and feedback is received on the designs so that swift action can be taken to deliver the much needed upgrades to our national icon.

“We look forward to working with Minister Pavey and her team to ensure the best piece of infrastructure for Sydney is delivered, bring our iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge to everyone who rides a bike or wants to explore our cities growing network of cycleways.” commented Craig Meagher, Bicycle NSW CEO.

Completion of the Sydney Harbour Bridge Cycleway forms a pivotal piece in our goal to complete an interconnected Sydney wide bicycle network to support and encourage more travel by bike and to relieve our congested streets. We announced, in partnership with the former Minister, the confirmation of funding for the multimillion dollar project in December 2016 and committed to supporting the consultation efforts to ensure best practice and design are achieved.


We have since been regularly attending the City of Sydney and RMS co-run workshops on the South Ramp Access with the goal to improve the connectivity between the Sydney Harbour Bridge Cycleway and Kent St, as well as the North Ramp workshops run by RMS, with the goal of replacing the steps with a complete cycleway connecting to Northern Sydney existing and proposed cycleways.


Our advocacy work has seen our influence on the preferred design options to ensure the best outcomes for riders, as well as for the local community. We look forward to advising our members and friends when consultation is open and how bike riders can have their say on this exciting project.


You can read the full Press Release from The Hon Melinda Pavey, Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight here.

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