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With Less Road Traffic, The Environment Thanks You

With a 55% drop in travel on Sydney’s road network during COVID-19 restrictions, the environment thanks you. Across NSW, road transport is responsible for 68.5 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions. Plus for every one litre of petrol used, 2.4 kilograms of carbon dioxide is released from the exhaust.   As COVID-19 restrictions are easing, the

Calls For Safer Roads Around Schools

Parents across NSW are calling for safer roads around schools to enable active transport. Almost three and a half thousand parents, carers, teachers and residents responded to the NSW School Safety Survey and expressed their concerns about the unsafe environment around schools. With 1.2 million students across NSW, this is a serious concern for their

Transport From The Future

Jessica Barker presented a future perspective of transport and bike riding to the City of Sydney as part of a Citizens’ Jury on December 5th, 2019. Jessica is a 23 year old commuter and a road cyclist, who rides to UNSW every weekday along busy Sydney roads. Her childhood memories include travelling to school with

A Christmas present from Rob Stokes

Bayside Council Active Transport Corridor Returning to the office we were delighted to find good news for people who ride through or around the Bayside Council area in Sydney. Just before Christmas, Minister for Planning and Public Spaces, The Hon. Robert Stokes MP signed off approval for the F6 Extension Road Link that includes an

NSW ‘winner’ for slowest commute

NSW as a state, and Sydney as a city, won a dubious first place for the longest commuting times in Australia. How long commutes impact health This is based on the Household Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) survey of over 17,000 Australians. Too much time spent commuting by motor vehicle is bad for

A welcome focus on active transport

NSW Labor has appointed Ms Jodi McKay MP as its new leader she has announced her cabinet.  Bicycle NSW was pleased to meet with the new Shadow Active Transport Minister, Ms Jo Haylen MP, on her first Friday in the job. It was clear to us that Jo has a strong grasp on the opportunities

Proposed F6 Extension Motorway – Call For Action

Proposed F6 Extension Motorway – You need to act now! The proposed F6 Extension Stage 1 presents the NSW Government with an excellent opportunity to provide high quality Active Transport (AT) infrastructure in the Kogarah to Arncliffe area.  While we doubt the overall long term effectiveness of more and more motorways, we must take advantage

Heavy Vehicles Looking After Their Community

Last week, Bicycle NSW launched our campaign calling for safer heavy vehicle standards as a direct result of the serious injuries and deaths that had occurred to vulnerable road users. We know that truck drivers do not want to harm or kill people, and over the coming weeks we will be highlight companies who have

Cycling Into Better Health

On World Health Day, let us reflect on the many health benefits that bike riding offers. People who commute to work by bike have a 52% lower risk of dying from cardiovascular disease and 40% lower risk of dying from cancer, than people who drive or take public transport.  Considering that only 9% using bike

Riding Into Happiness

With one in five Australians having a mental illness in any year, bike riding can offer hope.   Riding gets the blood pumping, body moving and also releases mood enhancing endorphins. It is this physical activity that impacts a person’s level of happiness and their overall mental health.     According to a study by Sydney