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You Asked, We Answered

An important part of our job at Bicycle NSW is responding to the requests and needs of members and Bicycle User Groups.  We can’t always talk about what we are doing at the time, especially if it involves a legal matter or a confidential project or working group. We’ve created this page to share some

Adventure Biking

In preparation for Bicycle NSW’s next photo competition theme “Adventure Biking”, it was time for something fresh…. A new route?  A mountain bike challenge? Or trying an e-bike? The latter won. School holidays, an Easter long weekend and the autumn weather beckoning, I stepped out of my comfort zone. Leaving behind the familiarity of the

Proposed F6 Extension Motorway – Call For Action

Proposed F6 Extension Motorway – You need to act now! The proposed F6 Extension Stage 1 presents the NSW Government with an excellent opportunity to provide high quality Active Transport (AT) infrastructure in the Kogarah to Arncliffe area.  While we doubt the overall long term effectiveness of more and more motorways, we must take advantage

The Four-Wheeled Fallacy

Even as politicians promise more road building projects, we are falling out of love with driving. Almost every car advertisement shows a vehicle travelling rapidly on empty roads.  Manufacturers and marketers try to sell us the idea that car ownership is synonymous with freedom. This couldn’t be further from the truth.  Commuting by car involves

Pedal Power!

Labor has pledged to spend $412 million over the next four years on the infrastructure we need for cycling and walking, more than double the expenditure figure given by the current transport minister. This adds to the commitment of $7 million for programs to get more children walking and cycling to school, and it represents

Advocating for Safer Riding

There are many issues that leave bike riders feeling angry, sad and frustrated.  Sometimes Bicycle NSW does not voice these emotions, but it does not mean we are ignoring the issue. We have outlined below a few reasons why Bicycle NSW does not comment on certain topics.   1. Being respectful to family and friends

Connected Cycling for Sydney

City of Sydney Council plans to improve connected cycling infrastructure to reduce congestion and make bike riding safer. The City has added 11 regional bike routes which it wants built as separated cycleways.  These would join missing links and connect to neighboring councils in the Inner West, East, South and North of the city. Image

Media Release: Bicycle NSW Announces its CEO

Bicycle NSW has confirmed Alistair Ferguson as its CEO. Alistair joined the organisation in November 2017 serving as the Membership Manager.  In 2018 he was promoted to the role of Executive Officer as Bicycle NSW changed the focus of its engagement from event management to advocacy. Previous roles with the renowned Essendon Football Club and

Why Isn’t Australia a Cycling Mecca?

Elizabeth Butterworth and Dorina Pojani of the University of Queensland explored why the five largest Australian cities fall so far short of their bike riding potential. Australia’s largest cities, specifically Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide are ideal for cycling. Stable governments, health conscious residents who enjoy being outside, mild climates most of the year

Making It Easier To Take Bikes On Trains

The current regional rail requirements for taking bikes on trains are making it harder and less safe for everyone. People travelling longer distances in NSW may need to use a bike at either end of their train journey.  This is made harder by the requirement that bicycles be folded or boxed before being taken on