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Safer Heavy Vehicles For Everyone

Bicycle NSW has launched a campaign calling for improved heavy vehicle safety standards to benefit all vulnerable road users. This follows the deaths of a male rider in Sutton in February,  a female rider in March in Newcastle a female rider following a crash in March in Camperdown, and the deaths of a male pedestrian

Australians Deserve Safer Heavy Vehicles

Too many people are dying or being seriously injured in crashes involving heavy vehicles.  Heavy vehicles can be made safer for people walking and riding bikes, and you can help make this change. According to the Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities, 216 Australians died in 2017 from 196 fatal crashes involving heavy vehicles,

Bike & Shared Paths

Shared Paths Shared paths are for pedestrian, bike rider, skateboard, scooter etc. use. The idea is to share the space equally and provide mutual respect to others using the path. On a shared path bike riders are advised to: Keep left, unless overtaking (similar to road use) When overtaking try and provide one metre of