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On the Side of Safety

Bicycle NSW is calling for all heavy vehicles to be fitted with side underrun protection.  Here’s what it means and why it matters. Side underrun protection devices look like rails fitted to the sides of heavy vehicles in the spaces between the wheels. According to the Australian Trucking Association: “Side underrun protection devices protect road

Help Change the Law

You can help make national heavy vehicle law safer for everyone. Part of our heavy vehicle campaign includes changing the law to help improve road safety.  The current Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) is up for review and you can help change it for the better. You have until Friday 31 May, 2019 to provide

Heavy Vehicles

Too many people are dying or being seriously injured in crashes involving heavy vehicles.  Heavy vehicles can be made safer for people walking and riding bikes, and you can help make this change. According to the Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities, 216 Australians died in 2017 from 196 fatal crashes involving heavy vehicles, up from