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Bike riders coming up to traffic light in Rozelle

Rozelle Interchange Unsafe Bike Diversion

In spite of extensive advocacy and previous assurances, the construction of the Westconnex Rozelle Interchange will now involve an unsafe detour for bike riders. Rozelle Interchange Problem Bicycle NSW and the Inner West Bicycle Coalition have worked for many months to protect rider safety. This construction project impacts Lilyfield Road, the most heavily trafficked bike

Laws in NSW: Bike Rack On Cars

Current car bike rack laws in NSW undermine safety and need to be changed. Safe installation of a rack onto a car takes time, measurement, tools, patience and sometimes a second pair of hands.  Empty Bike Racks Are Illegal In NSW, it’s illegal to drive a car with a rear bike rack installed and no

Congestion Brewing – Ban for Cyclists

Cyclists banned from light rail corridors Laws are changing to ban bicycle riding in light rail corridors.  Ultimately the failure to build a network of safe separated cycleways leaves everyone stuck. This ban for cyclists sees congestion brewing! The way the light rail was constructed in Newcastle made it impossible for people riding bikes to

Drivers Are Key

Safety in and around heavy vehicles starts from the ground up and relies on drivers to maintain a high level of knowledge and awareness. As recently discussed, SUEZ has a high safety priority within their company and implement additional technology for their trucks – but in the end, drivers are the key to it all

Improving Construction Management

There is an opportunity to improve road safety through requiring better construction management, and you are invited to have your say. If construction has begun on a route, you may be familiar with detours, road closures and changes to the riding environment.  Construction managers are required to ensure project impacts on people who walk, ride

Safer Heavy Vehicles For Everyone

Bicycle NSW has launched a campaign calling for improved heavy vehicle safety standards to benefit all vulnerable road users. This follows the deaths of a male rider in Sutton in February,  a female rider in March in Newcastle a female rider following a crash in March in Camperdown, and the deaths of a male pedestrian

A New Way Forward

One of the things Bicycle NSW does is represent bike riders in meetings with government and road safety stakeholders. At February’s Road Safety Partners’ Forum, Waverley Council shared the new approach it’s trying for road safety – setting a default speed of 40km/h across the whole Local Government Area. Waverley Council illustrated the rationale very

The Pot of Gold

A crossing to prioritise pedestrians and bike riders was opened last week at Taylor Square in Sydney. Known as the Rainbow Crossing, it celebrates LGBTQI community ahead of the 2019 Mardi Gras and provides a colourful clap-back to the 2013 removal of a similar crossing on Oxford Street ordered by then Roads Minister Duncan Gay.

Does More Bike Riding Deliver A Road Safety ‘Nirvana’?

We have seen a ‘safety in numbers’ argument that claims by getting more people cycling, bike rider safety will increase.  This is often accompanied by the following OECD graph or similar: [OECD report p.114]   The argument is simple, appealing and wrong – it makes two important mistakes. Firstly, it confuses correlation with causation.  Did

Safe Assisted Pedalling

E-bikes help more people to ride with heavier loads, up hills or over distances they would normally struggle with. Bicycle NSW is warning riders to avoid e-bikes that don’t meet the safety standards put in place to protect you. The recent explosion of an e-bike in Adelaide is still under investigation, but rider Gary Ryan