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New Rail Trail for NSW

In April 2020, NSW will have a new rail trail open to explore and enjoy.   After nearly 2 decades of hard work by the Riverina Highlands Rail Trails Inc. team, the 21km Tumbarumba to Rosewood Rail Trail will officially be opened on April 3, 2020 at 11:30am in Tumbarumba.  What Is A Rail Trail? A

NSW ‘winner’ for slowest commute

NSW as a state, and Sydney as a city, won a dubious first place for the longest commuting times in Australia. How long commutes impact health This is based on the Household Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) survey of over 17,000 Australians. Too much time spent commuting by motor vehicle is bad for

Safer Heavy Vehicles For Everyone

Bicycle NSW has launched a campaign calling for improved heavy vehicle safety standards to benefit all vulnerable road users. This follows the deaths of a male rider in Sutton in February,  a female rider in March in Newcastle a female rider following a crash in March in Camperdown, and the deaths of a male pedestrian

Australians Deserve Safer Heavy Vehicles

Too many people are dying or being seriously injured in crashes involving heavy vehicles.  Heavy vehicles can be made safer for people walking and riding bikes, and you can help make this change. According to the Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities, 216 Australians died in 2017 from 196 fatal crashes involving heavy vehicles,

A New Way Forward

One of the things Bicycle NSW does is represent bike riders in meetings with government and road safety stakeholders. At February’s Road Safety Partners’ Forum, Waverley Council shared the new approach it’s trying for road safety – setting a default speed of 40km/h across the whole Local Government Area. Waverley Council illustrated the rationale very

NSW Air Quality

Across NSW  dust, bushfires, pollen, the fossil fuel industry and motor vehicles all contribute to air pollution, but in Sydney motor vehicles contribute the lion’s share of emissions impacting our health. There are clear links between traffic pollution and cardiovascular disease, respiratory disease and cancer and it can affect reproductive, urological and neurological systems. Vehicles

Safe Active Streets

This week we contributed to a workshop planning of Safe Active Streets – with the aim of developing a prototype for Parramatta, to test what NSW needs in urban communities. We have become used to a ‘standard’ street; houses, apartments, and businesses adjacent to a road (hopefully) with a footpath, perhaps with a station, park,

Bike Riding Supports Local Business

Riding home after a long day at work, would you be more likely to grab a few last minute dinner items at your local shop, or head to the closest shopping centre? International research, suggests the former. In London, bike riders and pedestrians are 40% more likely to spend money in local shops than car

Building a Safer NSW

NSW is experiencing a construction boom, and whether it’s residential, commercial, roads or rail, most communities are impacted and it’s set to continue for decades.  Bicycle NSW has been working to improve the safety of construction planning and management for vulnerable road users and communities. Bicycle user groups and members have raised issues related to

Choosing The Healthiest Way To Move

How we choose to travel can make a big difference to our health, quality of life and life expectancy.  Media reports of accidents may lead people to avoid cycling and active transport, which have enormous health benefits. Only one third of Australians are active enough according to health guidelines. People who aren’t physically active enough