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We’re going to help you persuade your friends who don’t ride bikes to support the development of more bike infrastructure by taking the Commuter's Challenge.

Holiday Traffic vs School Traffic

In January travelling to work can be faster and less stressful without the pressure of school traffic.  Why not get your friends and family who drive to record the times now, and then again in three weeks’ time?

Female cyclist commuter  riding past traffic

Bicycle NSW campaigns for safe, separated cycling infrastructure to help reduce congestion.  Therefore, it can be the difference between most children riding bikes to school, or being driven.  

Firstly, safe separated bike infrastructure enables many more people to feel safe to ride.  Secondly, this frees up space on the roads, busses and trains for people who need to travel further, carry heavy equipment or who aren’t able to ride or walk far.

Travel to school alone adds to traffic by up to 10% in Sydney. This accounts for 1 in 20 cars during peak hour.  NSW expects an increase of 267,000 school-age children in the next fifteen years.  

We have seen whole schools switch to bike riding and active travel when the facilities are built.  Cycleways also offer an opportunity to decongest roads, reduce urban heat and carbon pollution. 

According to the Household Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia survey 28% of workers live in the same postcode they work in. Additionally, about 55% of workers live within 10km of their workplace.  This means active transport journeys could replace many motor vehicle trips with the right facilities.

Take the challenge

“If your friend gets frustrated about being stuck in traffic, why not encourage them to note the areas they drive through, and email the councils along their route to ask for safe separated cycleways,” said General Manager of Public Affairs, Bastien Wallace.

“Supporting active transport offers huge community, health, environment and congestion benefits for everyone,” said Bastien.

Bicycle NSW encourages members to share the Commuter's Challenge and use the tag #BNSWTimeChallenge to share the results. 

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