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Even as politicians promise more road building projects, we are falling out of love with driving.

Almost every car advertisement shows a vehicle travelling rapidly on empty roads.  Manufacturers and marketers try to sell us the idea that car ownership is synonymous with freedom.

This couldn’t be further from the truth.  Commuting by car involves traffic and is often miserable, building new roads or subsidising tolls adds to traffic woes, long journeys sitting at the wheel harm our health and cost us a fortune.

Automatic vehicles are being touted as the ‘magic bullet’ to fix congestion but if they promote taking more road journeys they won’t relieve the traffic pressures.

As Australia’s most congested state goes to the polls, it’s good to see some politicians calling for, or committing to, investment in walking and cycling.

If you’re tired of the four-wheeled fiction and want a better deal, why not challenge your local candidates to do a better job?

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