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We’ve written about bad bollards creating havoc on cycleways. You may have run into one.

Generally, bollards are not prescribed for cycleways except to prevent traffic intrusion, and even then, there should be ample space to allow, for example, a double pram or mobility scooter through without obstruction.

Bollards as traffic calming, however, such as the boulder above, do a noble service in balancing traffic on streets with other uses. 

‘It is founded on the idea that streets should help create and preserve a sense of place, that their purpose is for people to walk, stroll, look, gaze, meet, play, shop, and even work alongside cars - but not dominated by them … They include techniques designed to lessen the impact of motor vehicle traffic by slowing it down, or literally "calming" it.

This helps build human-scale places and an environment friendly to people on foot.’ (Project for Public Spaces 2008).

Bollards, chicanes and other design tools slow down cars on non-arterial roads and enable people to live, ride, walk and play.

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The Good Bollard

Image courtesy of Project for Public Spaces


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