The Cook’s River Cycleway is one of the most expansive and well-used cycling routes in all of Sydney. So, when several missing signs along this cycleway were reported to Bicycle NSW, one of our volunteers, Aaron Burger, went out to investigate them.

Here is Aaron’s report:

One of the problem sites I discovered turned out to be Tempe Station, where a cyclist approaching from the west must turn into the car park to continue riding along the Cook’s River path. There was a single sign in place at the intersection, however it was ambiguous: indicating a need to turn at either Bayview Avenue (which has a wide shoulder), or into the car park.

For anyone, like myself, who happened to choose Bayview Avenue, I offer my greatest sympathies. If you do not realise which direction you’re facing, you’ll find yourself going back the way you came, then having to cross a hidden footbridge into Turrella to pull your way back to the Princes Highway.

So I prepared a missing sign report and sent it to Marrickville Council, the body responsible for the grounds of Tempe Station, and a large portion of the Cook’s River path. Marrickville responded punctually and stated that the signage would be reinstated as soon as practicable. Taking it a step further, for Marrickville, ‘as soon as practicable’ meant less than three weeks.

When last week I went to inspect Tempe Station once again, I was astounded to see that Marrickville had exceeded all of my expectations. The misleading sign had been rotated, a new sign was installed to indicate the car park turn, and there were two visible bicycle stencils on the surrounding pavement. Marrickville’s effort had greatly improved this section of the B2B Cycleway.

And that’s really all that’s necessary: Individuals who report missing signs and Councils who are willing, if not eager, to install them. This process, from both inside the government and out, is a great way to make a personal positive impact on the lives of fellow cyclists.

To a clearly marked tomorrow!

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