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The top 10 reasons for riding to work is an excellent 5 minute read. Some of the reasons you may have guessed, others will surprise you. Last month the BNSW team did its own back-of-the envelope on how much money you can potentially save by leaving your car at home and riding to work.  That's why we're campaigning for e-bike subsidies now.

The power of amps enables people who might never have considered riding anywhere due to; hilly terrain, distance, age or  the ability to undertake 20 km+ rides commute with confidence.  People are loving their e-bikes for the freedom that it affords them. Whilst Federal and State governments consider $3000 EV subsidies, we urge them to follow the successful European examples and subsidise e-bikes.
After all, in terms of emissions, one EV= 40 e-bikes.

The top 10 reasons for riding to work

Another financial reason tying into most of the other benefits is the positive social impact (very) conservatively estimated as a $5 return for every dollar spent on bicycle infrastructure. This is because bicycle riding for transport is social, it increases happiness and cardiovascular fitness. If it's so good for the brain and body, why aren't more people riding? Safety. Real or perceived, safety is a major issue. The article cites The Virtuous Cycle, a University of NSW study and literature review of international research that concludes,

'It seems paradoxical, but the more people ride bicycles on our city streets, the less likely they are to be injured in traffic accidents. International research reveals that as cycling participation increases, a cyclist is far less likely to collide with a motor vehicle or suffer injury and death - and what's true for cyclists is true for pedestrians.'
(UNSW 2008)

The other way to improve safety for yourself, family and friends is to join BNSW, get insured and participate in our advocacy campaigns and social events.

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