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Getting around Sydney City is no easy task, especially when you’re out to see all the amazing things it has to offer. But no fear, OFO is here! The new bike share company has expanded all across Sydney’s CBD, a perfect alternative to driving, while saving you the hassle of looking after your own bike. Download the app and get riding today.


Here are five amazing places to stop in the CBD on an OFO bike.

The Botanical Gardens 

Indulge in the beauty that is the Royal Botanical Gardens, situated in Circular Quay. There is no shortage of incredible plant life and views of Sydney Harbour when you stop off here. With so many things to do and see within Sydney’s own green oasis, a ride to the Botanic gardens is a good one. It’s a perfect spot for picnics, relaxation or a family day out. Guests are encouraged to walk on the grass and come up close and personal with the wildlife. While you’re there, take a trip to the Calyx, in the Western corner of the garden, which boasts a vast collection of plants and flowers, as well as, the largest green wall in Australia, measuring 6 m high and 50 m in length. There is also a gorgeous cafe for any foodies keen for a delicious coffee in Sydney’s leafy paradise. We advise you to park your OFO bike outside the gardens and explore on foot, to allow you to soak up the scenery. 

Barangaroo Point Reserve 

Sydney comes alive at Barangaroo. Its name originates from a courageous and free-spirited, Indigenous woman of the Cammeraygal Clan during early European settlement. Knowing this, you’ll feel empowered looking across stunning views of the harbour. Reopened after 100 years due to recent redevelopment, a stop off at  Barangaroo Point Reserve is a great place to invigorate your senses. Scattered across the reserve are plants and wildlife that pre-date European settlement, adding a break from city living, which is just across the harbour. Make sure you stop off here for a breath of fresh air and gorgeous views on your next ride.

Hyde Park Barracks 

Home to tens-of-thousands of convicts in the 1800s, Hyde Park Barracks is the epitome of #throwbackthursday. The robust, brick structure, surrounded by the bustling Sydney city, is the perfect place for a OFO bike stop off. Take the rare opportunity of exploring a piece of Sydney’s history, to see where convicts would sleep, live and work, as well as serving a hub of government administration for a short while. Whether it’s just for a glimpse or a thorough tour, the Barracks is an awesome place to visit on an OFO bike.

The Sydney Opera House 

This seems like an obvious one, but Sydney’s Opera House, hands down, is one of the best places to stop off on an OFO bike. Perfectly-placed, arched domes that overlook the glistening harbour- it is a sight to see. Sydneysiders are blessed with access to a unique piece of architecture in our very own city. While you’re there, make sure to park your bike a little while back and take a short walk down to the Opera House, where you can either; book a tour or simply stroll around the magnificent structure and bask in its beauty. Trust us, it’s a view that millions of people across the globe pay a lot of money for.

The Museum of Contemporary Art

A museum is one of those places which you know you SHOULD visit , but never do. The reality is, they are sometimes boring and they aren't everyone's idea of a good time. But, the MCA in Circular Quay will flip all your expectations upside down. With a mix of works which are culturally diverse and technologically influenced, there is something for everyone. Do something different and give the MCA a visit on your next OFO ride.

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